FPGA Implementation
The Synplify Premier software from Synopsys’ Synplicity Business Group is the ultimate FPGA synthesis and debug environment. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies for advanced FPGA designers as well as ASIC prototypers who are targeting a single FPGA.

Logic Synthesis
Today's FPGAs support a broad spectrum of high-performance and high-volume applications that were not possible just a few short years ago. With embedded processors, high-density memory, DSP blocks, high-speed IO, and 3rd party IP now available in FPGAs, the need for design tools that can take full advantage of these features is a necessity.

Automotive Electronics Solution
Electronics continue to infiltrate all aspects of automotive design as consumer demand for safety, performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability continues to grow.

Mobile Devices Solution
Designers face numerous challenges in developing the systems and ICs needed for today’s leading-edge mobile devices on tight schedules.

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