The Virtual Vehicle: Part 3 - Developing robust wiring harnesses
The rapid increase in vehicle electrical features has significantly impacted the engineering of wiring harness systems. The proliferation of options and various vehicle platforms requires the use of tools that enable data consistency and option handling, as well as complete and efficient wiring verification within the vehicle.
Mar 12, 2009

The Virtual Vehicle: Part 2 - Early validation of vehicle electrical systems and power management
Due to the increase in vehicle comfort and safety features, there is a significant demand for more reliable electrical systems. An increasing number of vehicle electrical components require a greater amount of electrical power, which has to be ensured at all times.
Feb 13, 2009

The Virtual Vehicle: Part 1 - In-vehicle networking simulation and analysis
In-vehicle networking allows room for optimization; however, it also allows opportunity for errors. The design of appropriate topologies for the physical layer has proven a tremendous challenge, requiring model-based methodologies and tools in order to validate topology concepts early in the design process.
Jan 09, 2009

Certified Wireless USB and Ultra-wideband to the Rescue
Today's consumer demands a host of functionality from portable electronic devices.
Nov 21, 2008

VLSI Research-Synopsys’ new custom IC design suite
Finally . . . an integrated EDA tool for custom IC design. It’s a totally new, ground-up, software package. Yet, its user interface is so similar to what you’ve been using that you’ll be surprised as to how familiar it seems.
Nov 21, 2008

Powered Down
Just about every analysis of chip design claims verification consumes more than half of the time needed today to bring a semiconductor system to market.
Jul 22, 2008