Mil/Aero Solution 

Accelerating Innovation in Mil/Aero Electronics Design  

Electronics design for Military and Aerospace applications requires high performance ASIC and FPGA implementation, multi-domain verification capabilities and maximum flow traceability for compliance to guidance such as the DO-254 standard.

The Synopsys Mil/Aero Solution enables powerful ASIC and FPGA implementation, addresses complex verification objectives, and facilitates the documentation and tracking needed for compliance and approval.

Download DO-254 datasheet

Download DO-254 RTL Compliance Checking - Methodology Guide

Several key factors must be addressed when defining and implementing the design of IC, components, and systems that are destined for use in Aerospace and/or Military applications. Among these are:

Synopsys offers a powerful lineup of methodologies and technologies that can aid in managing these factors successfully, and bring significant benefit to the designers of military and aerospace hardware.

DO-254 was formally recognized in 2005 as the standard for ensuring the highest level of safety in electronic airborne systems. As a process based standard, DO-254 does not specify or certify individual tools, but requires that the development and verification of complex hardware complies with a predetermined process of rigorous, structured design and verification.

Compliance to this standard involves a process that is more rigorous than the standard ASIC/FPGA design and verification flow; it mandates to ensure a fully traceable flow where all simulation waveforms, regression status, coverage figures must be documented, traceable and linked to the formal requirements.

Synopsys helps you meet the challenge of building a DO-254 compliant flow with:

For more details about implementing a DO-254 compliant flow, please read the whitepaper entitled "Understanding DO-254 Compliance for the Verification of Airborne Digital Hardware"