Tech Design Forum: Synopsys adds ultra-low power security processor IP
Sep 12, 2016

Power Systems Design: Power management is getting smart
Apr 15, 2016

SemiconductorEngineering: Using Multi-Channel Connections For Optimized LPDDR4 Power & Performance
Apr 14, 2016

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: Using Foundation IP for Low Power in IoT SoCs
Jan 12, 2016

Electronic Design: Power Gating: Reducing PCIe Power Consumption to Mobile Levels
Nov 05, 2015

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: Power Gating: Reducing PCI Express Power Consumption to Mobile Levels
Oct 14, 2015

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: Processor Configurations for Low-Power IoT Applications
Oct 14, 2015

Electronic Design: Choose the Right Storage, Display Interfaces for Low-Power Mobile SoCs
Sep 25, 2015

EDN: Save power in IoT SoCs by leveraging ADC characteristics
Aug 21, 2015

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: eMMC: Low-Power Mobile Storage for Smartwatches
Aug 19, 2015

SemiWiki: Build Low Power IoT Design with Foundation IP at 40nm
Jul 28, 2015

Insight: Ultra Low Power Sensor and Control Processing for SoCs
Dec 11, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: LPDDR4 for a Better Power/Performance Balance
Oct 28, 2014

Electronic Design: MIPI D-PHY v1.2 Helps Save Cost, Power in Image-Sensor and Display Apps
Oct 21, 2014

Power Reduction Techniques
Are they all the same for established planar, FD-SOI and finFET transistors?
Aug 07, 2014

Electronic Design: LPDDR4 DRAM Meets Mobile Power and Performance Demands
Jul 28, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: Low-Power Processor Solutions for Always-On Devices
Jul 11, 2014

SemiconductorEngineering: Using PCI Express L1 Sub-states To Minimize Power Consumption In Advanced Process Nodes
Jul 10, 2014

Tech Design Forum: How to use PCI Express in low-power mobile SoCs by exploiting M-PCIe
Jun 27, 2014

Tech Design Forum: Overcoming the Power/Performance Paradox in Processor IP
Apr 28, 2014

Electronic Design: The IoT Requires a New Type of Low-Power Processor
Apr 17, 2014

Semiconductor Engineering: The Power-Performance Paradox
Apr 13, 2014

Chip Estimate: Optimizing Power, Performance and Area (PPA) of your Embedded System with Configurable Processor Extensions
Apr 08, 2014

Electronic Design: Cut Power In Non-Volatile Memory To Meet Changing Market Demands
Feb 06, 2014

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