Concept to Parts 

Flexible, Comprehensive Solution from Spec to Packaged Parts 

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  • Design hand-off. Provide us your design at any point between your early system spec and placed-gates.
  • Design engineering. We create an optimal implementation based on your design requirements.
  • Silicon manufacturing. You have access to mainstream and advanced processes (including rad-hard) and Synopsys interfaces with the manufacturing partner to ensure a smooth GDSII handoff.
  • Parts delivery. You receive prototype or production parts, fully packaged and tested.

Value: An Integrated Solution With Our Partners
  • Design/manufacturing flow integration
  • IP validation
  • Operational coordination
  • Business process collaboration
  • Overall program management

Complex chips mean complex challenges. A successful system-on-chip (SOC) implementation requires only comprehensive design proficiency, but systems, manufacturing, and vendor management expertise as well. For some electronic systems developers, their core differentiation and competencies lie elsewhere; building and maintaining an infrastructure to support their chip designs from the earliest stages of product concept all the way through packaged parts just doesn’t make sense. Synopsys can help…

Synopsys Professional Services offers a flexible Concept to Parts solution that takes your design from your designated handoff point (e.g., specification, RTL, netlist) and delivers working parts. In cooperation with our leading ASIC and manufacturing services partners, we blend together the required core skills in design, and manufacturing, into a comprehensive offering . Our Concept to Parts solution includes silicon-validated design flows comprehensive intellectual property (IP) portfolios and a complete compute infrastructure—all the ingredients necessary for delivering your silicon on-schedule and on-spec.

Concept to Parts Service

Comprehensive IP Portfolio
  • DesignWare® Library
  • DesignWare Digital Cores (PCI Express, USB, SATA, Etherner, etc.)
  • DesignWare Mixed Signal PHYs and I/O Library
  • DesignWare Verification IP
  • CPU and DSP Cores (PowerPC, MIPS, etc.)
  • Foundry Libraries (TSMC, Chartered, Tower)

Best-in-Class Solution, End to End
Regardless of your primary business focus, with our Concept to Parts offering you have access to world-class design and manufacturing teams. Utilizing integrated design flows and the Pilot Design Environment, Synopsys Professional Services and our partners enable you to take advantage of the best EDA, process and product engineering technology the industry has to offer. Think about it: a complete and state-of-the-art design capability is working for you, enabling you to focus on your core product development tasks. Meeting your project goals just got that much simpler.

Case Study
Synopsys Helps Customer Take-Off When an aerospace company needed a highly integrated chip for a system they had to deliver on an aggressive schedule, they turned to Synopsys Professional Services. Synopsys engaged from the requirements document all the way through the delivery of production parts. With the complete solution of multiple IP blocks, spec development through physical design services, as well as seamless cooperation with the silicon manufacturer, Synopsys was able to compress the estimated 15-month schedule to 10 months with first pass silicon success.

All design targets for performance, power consumption, and area were met. And by delivering on an accelerated schedule, the company qualified for the maximum monetary incentives from its customer. Using Synopsys Professional Services as a strategic resource helped the company maintain agility and shorten cycle times for the most highly integrated chip they had ever undertaken.

Recent Concept to Parts Projects
Concept to Parts Projects

Synopsys Professional Services: Helping to solve your toughest design challenges

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