From Concept-to-Parts 

Partnering for an integrated design-to-manufacturing solution 

Synopsys Professional Services collaborates with industry leading IC manufacturing and packaging vendors to provide integrated services solutions with packaged parts delivery. Blending the core competencies of Synopsys and our partners enables you to rethink your choices of how to get your design to market. Regardless of your primary business focus, with our Concept-to-Parts offering you have access to world-class design and manufacturing teams.

Common customer handoff points include:
  • Specification
  • RTL
  • Netlist

Core Hardening Image
Complementary experience in design and manufacturing between Synopsys and our partners enable
a smooth hand-off to fabrication.

Honeywell and Synopsys:  One Step Beyond For Rad-Hard ASICs
Developers of electronic systems for military and aerospace applications often have requirements for their ASICs beyond raw processing power - for example, the ability to withstand the high doses of radiation present in space environments. The ability to produce chips that are not only resistant to radiation effects but are also high performance and highly integrated is critical to many modern military and space programs.

Synopsys has formed an alliance with Honeywell, the world’s leading supplier of ASICs requiring radiation performance, to provide a unique Concept-to-Parts solution for military and aerospace customers who utilize advanced ICs. The companies provide the industry's leading design and manufacturing service capability for components that require various levels of radiation resistance, including radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant chips.

The Honeywell and Synopsys collaboration provides an integrated RTL-to-GDSII design flow, optimized for Honeywell's 150-nanometer manufacturing process. This enables multi-million gate ASIC implementations with levels of integration traditionally seen only in applications without radiation performance requirements. By combining the strengths of two technology leaders, we've created a truly unique ASIC development capability that offers system developers access to:

  • State-of-the-art silicon on insulator (SOI) manufacturing capability with rad hard performance
  • Proven design flow based on Synopsys' industry-leading Galaxy™ and Discovery™ platforms, tailored to Honeywell's 150 nanometer process technology
  • A flexible range of design services that offer expanded customer design handoff choices (e.g., ASIC specification, RTL, or netlist) and resource expertise in the implementation of very deep submicron ASICs
  • A web-based collaborative design environment that allows the joint Synopsys/Honeywell design services team to work in cooperation with customers to complete their design

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