HAPS Datasheets 


Synopsys’ FPGA-based prototyping solution provides a flexible, modular and therefore scalable platform. This ensures that you can create the optimal configuration to meet your current project needs and reconfigure to meet your future project needs.

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The flexibility of the HAPS® prototyping system allows the same motherboard to be reused in several projects and/or various configurations by adding daughter boards containing I/O and custom subsystems.

Daughter Boards
Interconnect System Components - HAPS to HAPS accessories
Adapters - Interface HAPS to other systems
I/O - Interfaces supporting standard protocols
Memory - Different kinds of memories

Add-on Products
Includes PCIe kits and Universal Multi-Resource Bus (UMRBus) for advanced verification.

ProtoCompiler – Design and Debug Automation for the HAPS Series
HAPS Co-Sim & TBV Suite – Co-Simulation and Transaction-Based Validation Suite
HAPS-DX TBV Suite – Transaction-Based Validation Suite for the HAPS-DX Series

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