Communication Algorithms Challenge EDA
EDA tools have evolved to support the rapid development of new communication algorithms and other improvements in the connected market.
Dec 17, 2013

Lessons Learned In 4G LTE
While 4G LTE has moved into the mainstream, there are lessons to be learned about these very complex modems, especially from the perspective of balancing power and performance.
May 09, 2013

Sorting out 4G: Are we there yet?
Can we achieve the performance levels of the IMT-Advanced global standard for international mobile telecommunications?
Jan 30, 2012

Meeting Tough LTE Standards by Aligning Algorithm Design and Physical Testbenches
LTE, the next-generation wireless standard, promises to serve the surging demand for mobile broadband data by increasing peak and average data throughput, as well as significantly reducing latency. When designing an LTE or LTE-Advanced device, achieving standard compliance with the 3GPP specification is a key requirement.
Aug 04, 2011

Interview on LTE Development
In this episode, we talk to Markus Willems, Senior Product Marketing Manager of System-Level Solutions atSynopsys. In addition to talking about the wireless industry and the issues that face design engineers we talk about their collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz to accelerate LTE and LTE-Advanced wireless system design and verification while reducing risk for standards compliance.
Jul 12, 2011

Featured Engineer: Favorite Algorithm Design Tool is SPW
An interview with Charan Langton, Manager of Simulation and Analysis at Loral Space Systems.
Mar 25, 2011

High-Level Design In EDA—Quo Vadis? (Or, Where Are You Going?)
I remember the moment I first realized that the EDA industry was on the dawn of a major transition, in my case from gates to RTL. My colleague Robert was cursing, because he was convinced this new logic synthesis tool we had just introduced “was all wrong and couldn’t deliver.”
Sep 03, 2009

ESL Is Finally Ready for Prime Time
If you talk to vendors of electronic system-level (ESL) design tools, you’ll find that many have a unique approach to this evolving technology.
May 12, 2008

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