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Now you can access Synopsys Platform Architect and the joint flow with ARM® AMBA® Designer for online evaluation and education. All you need is your browser! Simply fill out the registration form and click on the return e-mail link. You will access our case study example for performance analysis "in the clouds"!

About the Case Study
This case study provides access to an architecture performance model of an ARM-based smart book mobile device in Platform Architect. The SoC performance model is an example provided for educational purposes only. Although not a real design, it clearly illustrates the valuable insight you can gain from early architecture exploration and system-level performance analysis.

The architecture performance model uses the cycle-accurate SBL-301 SystemC Bus Library for the ARM CoreLink™ NIC-301 Network Interconnect and features the configuration flow between Platform Architect and ARM AMBA Designer ADR-301. To model the dynamic workload of the smart book applications, the example employs a traffic generation methodology to represent the key components of the system, including dual ARM processor cores, graphics engine, HD LCD, Color LCD, DMA, and PCIe controllers. This approach enables architects to realistically measure and analyze multicore system performance before software is available.

Configure, Analyze, and Explore… Online!
After being introduced to the case study, you’ll learn how to configure, analyze, and explore the results from performance model simulation. During assembly, you’ll configure the initial parameters of the SBL-301 interconnect model using the Platform Architect flow with AMBA Designer. During simulation and analysis, you’ll clearly define the traffic scenarios and model parameters to explore in Platform Architect, sweep through multiple simulations, and graphically analyze the root cause of performance problems. During exploration, you’ll see how information is easily shared with spreadsheet tools for sensitivity analysis and how the optimal balance of performance, cost, and power is achieved in Platform Architect. Finally, you can check your results against our case study summary!

Software as a Service
The tools and case study demonstration will run as a Software as a Service. No download or installation is needed. After registering, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your virtual machine. You will have access to the demonstration for 2 hours starting from the time the email is sent to you.

More information
If you would like more information on Synopsys Platform Architect, its library of available SystemC TLM architecture models for the analysis of ARM-based designs, or the ability to download a full installation of the demonstration case study example featuring SBL-301 and ARM AMBA Designer, please contact Synopsys today.

Allowed Access
  • The performance model evaluation is limited to two hours per online session
  • A single user can register a maximum of 10 times for this evaluation.
  • Valid corporate email addresses are required

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