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Getting Started with Your Synopsys Tools 

You can get information about the latest Synopsys product releases and download your software though the Software Download Center, using your SolvNet registered user account. Major releases are delivered throughout the year—in March, June, September and December for most products--with additional service pack releases scheduled as required. Synopsys works closely with our hardware partners to ensure that Synopsys tools work consistently on all supported platforms. The Supported Compute Platforms guide provides detailed information about platform releases to help you make informed hardware and operating systems choices well in advance of additions or changes in Synopsys support.

  • Releases

Licensing QuickStart Guide
Download instructions, key file retrieval information, and setup instructions for your Synopsys tools

Synopsys Installation Guide
Information about major Synopsys releases

  • Compute Platforms
  • System requirements, supported hardware & operating systems 

Compute Platforms Roadmap
Underlying Synopsys' powerful solutions & tools are compute platforms. This roadmap shows Synopsys’ current intent for upcoming compute platforms support.

Release Specific Support
Synopsys maintains platform stability for each 9-month release foundation. Find the latest information system requirements for each foundation release.

Solvnet Download Center
Obtain the latest Synopsys tools for your platform of choice. Quickly see which compute platforms support your products.

Platform Notices
See all notices concerning changes to our Compute Platform Support. This includes product specific as well as corporate-wide changes.