Synopsys and ARM Symposiums 


Prototyping and Verification best practices for ARM processor-based HW and SW development -
A Symposium by Synopsys and ARM
(Hardware and software tracks)

Competition in the global electronics marketplace is intense, and the development of software and hardware associated with the SoCs that power today's mobile and embedded devices is no exception. Bringing the right products to market, with the right features and capabilities requires a robust development environment for both the hardware and the software development teams.

Please join Synopsys and ARM for a free 1-day seminar focused on prototyping and verification best practices and methodologies targeting ARM processor-based SoCs.

This seminar is intended for project leaders and technical managers and includes two parallel tracks: One dedicated to software development and the other for hardware verification and validation. Technical experts from Synopsys and ARM will present proven solutions for the hardware and software development of ARM-processor based SoCs.

This seminar will address topics including:
  • Verification planning and management
  • Metric-driven analysis
  • Reuse-oriented best practices centered on UVM
  • Hardware-assisted verification and validation using emulation and FPGA-based prototyping
  • Hybrid prototyping (virtual prototyping+FPGA-based prototyping)
  • Hardware-managed cache coherency
  • Performance verification from system specification to hardware implementation
  • Using virtual prototypes for early software bring-up of ARM Cortex-A SoCs
  • ARM DS5 development tools and FastModels
  • Software development for embedded control or functional safety systems using ARM Cortex-R and –M

Dual-Track Agenda:
Note: There may be slight variations in the agenda per city.

9:00-9:15Welcome and introduction
9:15-10:00Plenary (ARM and Synopsys)
10:00-12:00Software trackHardware track
 Virtual prototyping and early software bring-up for ARM Cortex-A systemsFunctional verification best practices for ARM-processor based SoCs
Leveraging emulation for early SW development and HW/SW integration
1:00-1:30Software trackHardware track
 ARM DS5 development tools and Fast ModelsLeveraging FPGA-based prototyping for HW/SW integration, system validation and software development
1:30-2:30Software development for embedded control and functional safety applicationsHW Managed Cache Coherency with AMBA 4 ACE
2:30-2:45Coffee break
2:45-3:30Emulation and FPGA-based prototyping for early software developmentAchieving performance verification of ARM processor-based SoCs
3:30-4:00Hybrid prototyping for early system validation
4:00-4:30Summary and wrap-up

Single-Track Agenda:

9:00-10:00 Plenary by ARM and Synopsys
10:00-11:15Functional verification best practices (RTL verif, VIP, debugging)
11:15-12:00Hardware-assisted verification &validation best practices – Part 1
1:00-1:45Hardware-assisted verification &validation best practices – Part 2
1:45-2:15Enabling SW Development for the Improved Development, Product and Success of ARM processor-based SoCs and MCUs
3:15-3:45HW Managed Cache Coherency, with AMBA 4 AXI Coherency Extensions (by ARM)
3:45-4:45Achieving performance verification of ARM processor-based SoCs (VIP+PA)
4:45-5:00Close and Q&A

Scheduled dates and cities

March 07, 2013 (Thursday)Munich, GermanyCompleted
March 08, 2013 (Friday)Sophia, France Completed
March 12, 2013 (Tuesday)Reading, UKCompleted
July 10, 2013 (Wednesday)Herzelia, Israel Available soon
Asia Pacific  
April 03, 2013 (Wednesday)Hsinchu, TaiwanCompleted
April 05, 2013 (Friday) *Seoul, KoreaCompleted
April 09, 2013 (Tuesday)Shanghai, ChinaCompleted
April 11, 2013 (Thursday)Beijing, ChinaCompleted
April 12, 2013 (Friday)Shenzhen, ChinaCompleted
April 23, 2013 (Tuesday) **Tokyo, JapanCompleted
August 29, 2013 (Tuesday)Bangalore, IndiaRegister Now
September 3, 2013 (Thursday)Noida, IndiaRegister Now
North America  
May 07, 2013 (Tuesday)Marlborough, MA, USACompleted
May 09, 2013 (Thursday)Toronto, CanadaCompleted
May 14, 2013 (Tuesday)Boulder, CO, USACompleted
May 15, 2013 (Wednesday)Austin, TX, USACompleted
May 17, 2013 (Friday)Minneapolis, MN, USACompleted

* Seminar hours in Seoul, Korea, are 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
**Seminar hours in Tokyo, Japan, are 9:30 AM – 4:45 PM

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