Automotive Electronics Reliability Flow
Synopsys offers widely adopted solutions that address the four key elements of designing and building highly reliable automotive electronics.

DesignWare ARC EM Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) Processor Core
The DesignWare® ARC® EM Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) Core has been designed for use in ISO 26262 embedded automotive and IEC 61508 safetycompliant applications. The ARC EM SEP core combines integrated hardware safety features that enable ASIL D compliance, with a highly efficient and compact processor core. The EM SEP core is based on the ARC EM4 processor and the ARCv2 instruction set architecture (ISA). The ARC EM SEP core delivers up to 1.76 DMIPS/MHz*. It can be configured for a silicon footprint as small as 0.015mm2 and power consumption as low as 4.5 μW/MHz.

Saber for Automotive Mechatronics
Saber® is the industry standard for Robust Design methods for mixed-signal, mixed-domain Mechatronic systems. Saber’s highly acclaimed design modeling and powerful simulation tools provide designers the ability to simulate, analyze and verify interactions between multiple physical domains (electrical, magnetic, mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, etc.).

SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems.

The VDK for NXP MPC5xxx MCU, built on Power Architecture® technology, is a software development kit using virtual prototypes of MPC5xxx-based microcontrollers.

VDK for NXP S32V200 MCU
The VDK for NXP S32V200 is a software development kit using a virtual prototype of the NXP S32V234 microcontroller (MCU) as an embedded target

VDK for Renesas RH850 MCU
The VDK for Renesas RH850 MCU is a software development kit using prototypes of the Renesas RH850 microcontroller family as a target.

Virtual Prototyping Brochure
Synopsys delivers the most complete virtual prototyping solution covering authoring tools, model libraries, end user debug and analysis tools, methodologies and services. Available pre-RTL, they enable concurrent hardware/software engineering and more productive software development, integration and test throughout the design flow from specification to deployment.

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