DAC 2016 Custom Compiler Lunch Videolog: Cutting Layout Tasks from Days to Hours

FinFET devices have added significant complexity to the design flow, and many companies are seeking new solutions for custom design. Custom Compiler’s pioneering visually-assisted automation can cut layout tasks from days to hours.

On June 7, 2016, Synopsys hosted a Custom Compiler Luncheon at DAC. At this event, attendees heard users discuss their experiences with custom design challenges and how they have deployed Custom Compiler to improve their custom design productivity for both FinFET and established nodes.
GSI, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys IP

SNUG 2016 Custom Compiler Videolog: Cutting Layout Tasks from Days to Hours

On March 31, 2016, Synopsys hosted a Custom Compiler Lunch ‘n’ Learn at SNUG Silicon Valley. At this event, attendees heard industry leaders share their experiences using the new Custom Compiler visually-assisted automation to meet the challenges of FinFET custom design, and discuss how it improves their custom design productivity.
AMD, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys IP

Introducing Custom Compiler Visually-assisted Automation

Antun Domic, Executive VP and GM of the Design Group unveils Synopsys' next-generation custom design solution.

Custom Compiler brings new levels of productivity to FinFET layout by employing visually-assisted automation technologies that speed up common design tasks, reduce iterations, and enable reuse.
Antun Domic, Executive VP and GM of the Design Group, Synopsys

IC Compiler II - Accelerating Products to Market with the Power of 10X

On March 23, 2015, during the 25th annual Synopsys User Group (SNUG) in Silicon Valley, industry leaders shared how 10X faster throughput has transformed the way they think about product development, opening up a world of new opportunities. Watch this video to learn why, just one year after its introduction, IC Compiler II has proven to be a game-changer in physical design.
ARM, MediaTek , Renesas, Synopsys, Toshiba

Addressing Advanced Design Needs With IC Compiler and IC Compiler II

On June 2, 2014, Synopsys hosted the 10th annual IC Compiler customer event during the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco. Attendees heard industry experts share their experiences using IC Compiler at the latest process nodes. Avago Technologies discussed the deployment of IC Compiler II, Synopsys’ recently introduced place and route solution with the power of 10X, to address their cutting-edge design challenges.
Avago, NVIDIA, Samsung, Synopsys

Success with the Synopsys Galaxy Implementation Platform

These highly informative sessions from DAC 2013 cover the latest design trends, challenges and solutions. Hear leading industry experts from LSI, HP and ARM present best practices and their success with Synopsys implementation products. Learn how these customers have accelerated innovation for their Gigascale, GigaHz+, low power and advanced geometry design challenges.
Michael V. Leuzze, Design Center Manager, LSI, Martin Foltin, Master Technologist, HP, Tim Whitfield, Director of Engineering, ARM

Achieve Gigahertz+ Performance on ARM® Cortex™-A15 Processor

This videotaped session was jointly delivered by Synopsys and HiSilicon Technologies at ARM TechCon 2012. Synopsys’ Kevin Yip highlighted Synopsys’ high-performance core methodology and key technologies in Design Compiler®, IC Compiler™, PrimeTime® and IC Validator. Featured technologies included physical guidance for implementation predictability, multisource clock tree synthesis for an OCV tolerant clock structure, transparent interface optimization for top-level closure and final stage leakage recovery for leakage power optimization. Chunsheng Liu of HiSilicon Technologies shared HiSilicon’s experience and results on the successful application of these performance and power enabling techniques in the tapeout of a complex ARM Cortex-A15 based SoC design.
Kevin Yip, Senior Applications Consulting (AC) Manager, Synopsys Inc. Catherine Xiayu, Director of the COT Design Department, HiSilicon Technologies Chunsheng Liu, Principle Engineer in the COT Design Department, HiSilicon Technologies

Optimized Implementation of A Gigahertz+ ARM® Cortex™-A15 Processor

This presentation was delivered by Brian Millar of Samsung at ARM TechCon 2012. Mr. Millar describes how the Synopsys Galaxy™ Implementation Platform was used for a high performance, low power implementation of an ARM® Cortex™-A15 processor for mobile applications. The successful application and trade-offs of key technologies and techniques from synthesis to place and route that enabled high performance were described. Technologies highlighted include topographical synthesis, physical datapath, clock mesh, multivoltage design, and multicorner/multimode optimization, all of which were used successfully by the design team to achieve the aggressive performance/power target and an improvement of 20 percent over traditional implementation techniques.
Brian Millar, Physical Implementation Lead, Samsung Electronics

High-Performance Physical Design of a 28nm Quad-Core ARM® Cortex™-A15 Processor

This presentation was delivered by Jason Karka and Michael Robinson of Texas Instruments at Austin SNUG 2012. It highlights key strategies used in a Synopsys IC Compiler™ place-and-route flow for a 28nm quad-core ARM® Cortex™-A15 processor with 4MB L2 Cache. Various physical design techniques were used to obtain very high clock frequencies. Many of these tactics will be of use not only to designers implementing quad-core A15 processors, but also to those designing other 28nm high-performance chips. Topics discussed include net patterning and layer assignment to deal with a tapered metal stack, hierarchical partitioning, placement density and clustering, clock gate cloning, useful skew, logic-level balanced CTS and techniques for post-route setup and hold closure.
Jason Karka, Texas Instruments Designer Michael Robinson, Texas Instruments Designer

Trends in Silicon Technologies - Enabling 20nm for Multimedia Convergence

On June 4, 2012, Synopsys hosted an IC Compiler luncheon during the Design Automation Conference (DAC) where Mr. Philippe Magarshack of STMicroelectronics spoke about enabling 20nm for multimedia convergence.
Philippe Magarshack, Corporate Vice President, Design Enablement & Services, STMicroelectronics

Designing for GLOBALFOUNDRIES 20nm Technology and Beyond - Winning Through Collaboration
Designing for GLOBALFOUNDRIES 20nm Technology and Beyond - Winning Through Collaboration

Dr. Joerg Winkler is a Fellow at GLOBALFOUNDRIES in Dresden, Germany working within the Design Enablement group. On June 4, 2012, Synopsys hosted an IC Compiler luncheon during the Design Automation Conference (DAC) where Dr. Winkler spoke about designing at 20nm technology and beyond.
Dr. Joerg Winkler, Fellow, Design Enablement , GLOBALFOUNDRIES

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys Discuss 20nm enablement

The 20nm process node poses a number of new, complex design tool challenges. Synopsys’ Andy Biddle asks GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Richard Trihy how the company plans to enable its customers for this technology.
Richard Trihy, director Design Methodology,
Andy Biddle, product marketing manager, Synopsys

Design Challenges and Solutions for High-Performance Mobile SoCs

Samsung Electronics discussed design challenges and solutions for high-performance mobile SoCs during the Synopsys High-Performance Insight Series at DAC 2012. In this video, Dr. Seomun describes Samsung’s success using the Galaxy™ Implementation Platform on its latest cutting-edge designs.
Jun Seomun, Ph.D. Sr. Engineer, Design Technology Team, Infrastructure Design Center, Samsung Electronics, System LSI

High-Performance Design on Galaxy Implementation Platform

During the Synopsys High-Performance Insight Series at DAC 2012, NVIDIA’s Vikas Agrawal discusses NVIDIA’s success designing for high performance using the Galaxy™ Implementation Platform on its latest designs.
Vikas Agrawal VLSI Design Methodology Manager, NVIDIA

2012 HSPICE SIG Event: Tackling Design Integrity of Multi-Gbps Systems
2012 HSPICE SIG Event: Tackling Design Integrity of Multi-Gbps Systems

On January 31, 2012, Synopsys hosted an HSPICE SIG Event in Santa Clara, CA. At this event, industry leaders spoke about their experiences using HSPICE in some of their most challenging designs.
Tony Todesco, SMTS Design Engineer, AMD; Johann Nittman, Signal Integrity Engineer, Cavium Networks; Liping Li, Sr. Member of the Technical Staff, Altera; Randy Wolff, Manager, Signal Integrity R&D Group, Micron; Scott Wedge, Sr. Staff Engineer, Synopsys

HSPICE SIG: A Converging Analog World: Silicon, Package and System

On January 31, 2011, Synopsys hosted its first HSPICE SIG Event in Santa Clara, CA. At this event, industry leaders spoke about using HSPICE in some of today's most challenging designs.
Synopsys, Inc.

DAC 2010: Galaxy Implementation Platform Overview

Steve Smith, Sr. Director of Marketing for the Galaxy Platform provides an overview of the many advancements made in the last year to Synopsys' comprehensive RTL-to-GDSII implementation solution, including a tighter connection between synthesis and place-and-route with physical guidance, new In-Design physical verification, enhanced signoff for large designs, improved multicore capabilities, the Lynx Design System and 28nm readiness.

IC Compiler In-Design Technology

At DAC in June 2010, industry experts at AMD, LSI Corporation, Renesas Electronics, Samsung, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments presented to over 200 Synopsys guests. The presenters explained how they relied on In-design physical verification with IC Validator for improved productivity and faster design closure.
John Chilton, Moderator, Sr. VP of Marketing & Corporate Development, Synopsys -- Antun Domic, Sr. VP and General Manager of the Implementation Business Unit, Synopsys -- Davide Casalotto, Design Methodologies Project Leader, STMicroelectronics -- Ed Roseboom, Member, Technical Staff, AMD -- Kyle Peavy, Physical Design Engineer, Texas Instruments -- Koki Tsurusaki, Senior Engineer, Back-end Design Technology Development Dept., Platform Integration Division , Renesas Electronics -- Tom Luczejko, Director, Principal Engineer, LSI Corporation -- Harpreet Gill Sr. Engineering Manager, System LSI SoC R&D, Samsung Electronics

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