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Synopsys' DesignWare® offers a broad portfolio of high-quality, silicon-proven digital, PHY, analog and verification IP for system-on-chip designs. As the leading provider of connectivity IP, Synopsys delivers the industry’s most complete solutions for widely used protocols such as USB, PCI Express®, DDR, SATA, HDMI, Ethernet and MIPI. The analog IP family includes Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Audio Codecs, Video Analog Front Ends, Touch Screen Controllers and more. In addition, Synopsys offers SystemC transaction-level models to build virtual platforms for rapid, pre-silicon development of software. When combined with a robust IP development methodology, reuse tools, extensive investment in quality and comprehensive technical support, DesignWare® IP enables designers to accelerate time-to-market and reduce integration risk.

The DesignWare minPower Components offer unique, power-optimized datapath architectures that enable DC Ultra™ to automatically generate circuits that suppress switching activity and glitches, reducing both dynamic and leakage power for mobile devices and high-performance applications. Based on the actual switching activities, transition probabilities, available standard cells and analysis of possible configurations, the DesignWare minPower Components architectures are automatically configured by DC Ultra to implement the optimal structure with the lowest power consumption. In addition to the automatically inferable components, the DesignWare minPower Components also include more than 40 instantiable blocks that incorporate low power design techniques such as enhanced clock gating, built-in datapath gating and patented data-tracking pipeline management technology to reduce power consumption.

Synopsys Professional Services is a team of design consultants with an extensive track record of helping customers complete their cutting-edge designs. We understand the technical challenges you face with your next generation systems-on-chips (SoCs). As an integral part of Synopsys, we have a thorough understanding of the industry's leading design tools and methodologies. As a services organization, we are obsessed with delivering the highest levels of business value and customer satisfaction. You've come to rely on Synopsys to address the complexities of modern ASIC design. Let us help you unleash the quality and breadth of the industry's leading technology portfolio on your next design project.

With expertise in low power tools and techniques, Synopsys consultants can help you manage your chip’s dynamic and leakage power consumption. We will help you understand the inherent tradeoffs in using power-related technologies such as voltage islands, power and clock gating, multi-voltage design, dynamic voltage scaling, multiple threshold voltages, MTCMOS and IEEE 1801-2009 (UPF). With project requirements in mind, our consultants can then assist you in deploying the latest low power techniques throughout the entire design flow, from synthesis, to functional verification and clock tree synthesis, through implementation, post-route optimization, and signoff.

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