COMET/METeor Models 

Fast and Accurate Models Representing Automotive and Consumer IP 

Synopsys and its partners deliver on the long-standing promise of hardware and software co-design and the numerous benefits that result.

Working with its partners, including Freescale, Renesas, Infineon, Toshiba and CEVA, Synopsys has developed a growing catalog of virtual processor models (VPM) for automotive and consumer IP to work in CoMET/METeor. VPMs are key elements to build a high-speed and accurate software model of a system-on-chip (SoC) that enables hardware-software co-verification and optimization well in advance of first silicon.

Together with Synopsys, semiconductor suppliers model the complete SoC including processor cores, peripheral devices, buses and bus interface units. This virtual prototype is then available to the embedded software developer for development of the target software. Synopsys and the semiconductor supplier work together to provide tools flow integration and technical support to the end customer.

Synopsys provides a library of generic components for CoMET and METeor, such as memories, timers, and interrupt controllers that can be configured to match custom requirements. In addition, customer authored models written in C, C++, or SystemC are easily incorporated and simulated. This includes models from the DesignWare TLM Library.

For more information about the Synopsys Virtual Prototyping solution, click here.

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