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SaberRD Student Edition — One Year Later
One year has passed since the first release of the SaberRD Student Edition in September 2010. In that time, it has been retrieved by thousands of individuals around the globe who are using it to support academic coursework and research, to evaluate the Saber technology, or simply to satisfy a personal curiosity to learn more about Physical Modeling and Simulation for multi-domain systems. The release of the SaberRD Student Edition represents an important (and long overdue) milestone in the history of the Saber products. For the first time since becoming commercially available over 25 years ago, the Saber technology is readily-accessible to students, professors, researchers, and individuals who require capable tools for modeling, simulating, and analyzing dynamic system behaviors.

What others are saying...

"SaberRD is an excellent CAD platform! I am especially impressed by the well-organized technical documentation and ribbon tool bar. Thank you so much for providing the student version of SaberRD, which I have found to be better than any of the SPICE simulators I have used. SaberRD will be my priority tool for design and verification of my DC-DC converter project." — Yu Long, Graduate Student at University of Tennessee

The latest release of the SaberRD Student Edition (version 2011.09) features significant improvements to performance, stability and usability. It's faster... expect a 2x to 4x speed-up in simulation runtime. It's more robust…more designs run right out of the box. And it can model more systems…new MAST parts and VHDL-AMS libraries have been added. We encourage you to take a look, whether you are upgrading from a previous version or if this is your first experience with SaberRD. And as always, we greatly value your feedback and appreciate the time you've taken to provide your inputs.

Proven Saber Technology

An ecosystem is rapidly forming in support of Physical Modeling and Simulation activities around the world: the cumulative effect of the tools, techniques, models, expertise, collaboration and research supporting initiatives to 'electrify' traditionally non-electrical systems. In providing the SaberRD Student Edition, it is our goal to support the development of expertise and capability within this ecosystem. Ultimately however, your involvement will determine the impact of this community. We invite your participation in the wide array of online resources that support the Physical Modeling and Simulation community, including the Saber User Forums... ask questions... share your experiences... suggest ways to improve. Inspire the ecosystem!

Download the 2011.09 Release of the SaberRD Student Edition

SaberRD in the Classroom — University of Southampton
Professor Peter Wilson of the University of Southampton shares his classroom modeling and simulation experience with SaberRD along with two exciting "real world" class projects in his article, SaberRD Simulation in the Classroom and Beyond. Professor Wilson highlights how SaberRD helps him to teach analog electronics — often considered a "dark art" and a "tough" course — in a way that is more accessible and less intimidating to students. His class then put to work the results of their modeling and simulation by building a fully operational solar electric racing boat — a winning craft named "Tarka II" — and an electric car. The article provides fascinating details and photos of these projects along with impressive competition results. Way to go Team Southampton!

Proven Saber Technology

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What's New in the Saber 2011.09 Release?
The Saber 2011.09 release is now available for download from SolvNet. This major feature release of the Saber, SaberRD, and Saber Harness products includes performance improvements, new analysis support, new models and design examples, updates to 3rd party interfaces, improved user documentation, quality improvements, and more.

Release highlights include:

  • Significant Performance Improvements in SaberRD - Up to 4X speed up in runtime performance of the SaberHDL simulation engine, along with better convergence through support of hierarchical matrices.
  • DC Transfer Analysis in SaberRD - Sweep an independent source to find the DC transfer function of a device or circuit.
  • Greater Flexibility with Library Management - Share custom libraries easily with a new Library Import/Export mechanism.
  • Cosimulate with 64-bit versions of Simulink - The Saber-Simulink cosimulation interface is now supported for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Simulink.
  • Add Custom Design Examples to the SaberRD Start Page - Deploy your custom or site-specific design examples directly from the SaberRD Start Page.
  • Latest VDA VHDL-AMS Library Support - Saber includes the latest VDA FAT-AK30 library of VHDL-AMS models, including new Hybrid EMC and Modelica categories.
  • Improved Performance for SaberHDL Distributed Analysis – Simulation results are written in parallel to reduce computation time and memory usage.
  • New Models for Complex Physical Systems - Lead-Acid Battery, varistor, single port S-element, Z-domain division, plus enhancements to several existing models.
  • New Design Examples - Complete systems that demonstrate Saber's capabilities for induction motor control and alternator charging and power distribution.
  • New Vehicle Electrical System Design Flow in Saber Harness – Complete support for vehicle electrical system design, from architecture to manufacturing.
  • Saber Frameway Interfaces - Added support for Mentor Graphics Expedition DxDesigner 7.9.
For more details, refer to the Saber F-2011.09 Release Notes available on SolvNet.

Register Now: Synopsys Automotive Solutions Seminar - Detroit, Michigan - November 10, 2011
This free seminar provides the opportunity to learn about Synopsys' solutions for automotive electronics development, featuring Virtualizer for ECU development and Saber for modeling and simulating physical systems. The program includes presentations, tutorials and demonstrations from customers, partners and Synopsys product teams. Please join us for this opportunity to network with peers, suppliers, and partners in the automotive industry.

Seminar Topics

  • Synopsys Virtualizer – Timing-accurate Virtual Prototypes of ECUs to accelerate embedded real-time development
  • Synopsys Saber – Physical modeling and simulation for optimizing automotive mechatronic and power systems
  • Demonstration of Synopsys' Virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop environment, combining Virtual Prototypes with physical modeling for developing and testing embedded systems
  • Keynote presentation, plus invited presentations from Infineon, Freescale, Continental and Hitachi on their applications and successes with Synopsys automotive solutions
  • Presentations from Invirtech and Embedded Systems Technology on their partnership with Synopsys and complementary solutions for automotive electronic and embedded development
Register Now

Event Proceedings: Saber Power Systems Simulation Seminar, France
Nearly 30 attendees participated in the technical seminar held in the Paris area in September. The event was an interactive forum about using Saber for physical modeling, simulation, and analysis of electrical and multi-domain power systems. See the proceedings including customer presentations, best practices and product capability updates.

Proceedings Content:

  • Product Update (Tutorial) – Synopsys
  • Macromodeling of Large Structures for Electrical Network Simulations in SABER – Airbus & EADS
  • An Integrated EMC Modeling and Simulation Approach using Saber & CST STUDIO SUITE – Synopsys & CST
  • Power Line Communication for Electrical Vehicles – PSA
  • Design for Reliability and Robustness using SaberRD (Tutorial) – Synopsys
  • EMI Circuit Modeling of a Powertrain - Hispano Suiza
  • Determining and Analyzing Aging Effects of Li-Ion Batteries – CNES
  • Power Electronics Modeling Library & Simulation Examples in SaberRD (Tutorial) – Synopsys
  • Accelerating the Development & Analysis of Automotive Systems through a fully automated Simulation based Approach – PSA
  • Testbench Automation (Tutorial) – Synopsys
  • Modeling Power Electronic Components using QuickModeling Tools in SaberRD (Tutorial) – Synopsys
  • Simulation of Aircraft Electric Networks – Aeroconseil
  • Simulation & Modeling Solutions for Battery Applications in SaberRD (Tutorial) - Synopsys
Download Saber Power Systems Simulation Seminar proceedings -

User Group Proceedings: SNUG Germany and SNUG Japan
The rising electrification of vehicles and the increasing focus on automotive e-mobility applications is driving the demand for development tools that address systems complexity and quality requirements. Synopsys offers a product portfolio for the automotive industry enabling physical systems design as well as embedded software design. The recent SNUG (Synopsys Users Group) events in Tokyo and Munich featured a special automotive session which included customer presentations from companies including TRW, Continental, Volvo and others. These users demonstrated the importance of Saber in their design and verification tool flow for automotive electrical systems. Synopsys technical staff also presented tool tutorials.

Download SNUG Munich proceedings

Saber User Tip: Spice to Saber Translator Wizard Enhancements in SaberRD

This overview on the Open Saber User Forum discusses the four option tabs of the useful SPICE to Saber wizard for converting SPICE models to Saber Models in SaberRD and the SaberRD Student Edition. The forum topic also points to the online users guide location for step-by-step instructions.

Join the Guild! Value for Novices and Experts in the Open Saber User Forums

1: an organization of persons with related interests or pursuits;
especially: one formed for mutual aid or protection

Saber Applications Engineering Manager, Jim Patton, makes an impassioned argument for the value of the modern open online forum as a replacement for that important historical artifact — the guild. Jim issues a call-to-action to Saber experts to become active and non-anonymous participants in the Saber User Forums — not only to help other users, but to demonstrate one's knowledge and leadership in the technical field. Read Jim's personal message to users.

What's on Your Saber Wish List?
Is there a usability improvement, capability or model that you would love to see in Saber? We value your input! Let us know by visiting the Saber Wishlist forum on the Open Saber User Forums. Not registered for the forums? Sign up and join the conversation now.