Saber eUpdate March 2011 


Success Story: EADS achieves early validation of aircraft FlexRay network
Stringent reliability and safety requirements led EADS to implement industry leading simulation capabilities and a comprehensive validation methodology for the development of a new aircraft communications network. The successful results included an accelerated development cycle, with validation beginning in 2-3 weeks, where previous methods resulted in a waiting period of 2-3 months. These schedule savings freed EADS engineers to focus their efforts on design improvements.

Success Story: EADS Read the complete EADS Success Story

What's New in the Saber 2011.03 Release?
The Saber 2011.03 release is now available for download from SolvNet. This full feature release of the Saber, SaberRD, and Saber Harness products includes several usability enhancements, new analysis support, new models and examples, updates to 3rd party interfaces, improved user documentation, quality improvements, and more.

Release highlights include:
  • Worst-Case Analysis in SaberRD - Predict the worst-case performance of complex power systems.
  • Enhanced Parts Browsing/Searching in SaberRD - An upgraded user interface and new search engine makes it quicker and easier to browse and search for generic parts and component models.
  • New AIM Simulation API - An improved interface for automating simulation in Saber and SaberRD through AIM scripts.
  • New Power Electronics Models - Space Vector PWM models and support for Silicon Carbide MOSFETs.
  • New Designs Examples - Complete systems that demonstrate Saber's capabilities for power systems, motor control, mechatronic design, analog electronics, and more.
    • Visit SolvNet for even more SaberRD example designs. Simply search for "SaberRD example"

  • Symbol Design View - Enhanced support for design-specific symbol graphic views in Saber Harness, Saber Sketch, and SaberRD.
  • Enhanced SaberRD User Documentation - Restructured documentation collection for greater accessibility and ease of use.
  • Saber Frameway Interfaces - Added support for Mentor Graphics BSXE 7.9.
  • Concurrent Design in Saber Harness - Added support for CVSNT.

For more details, refer to the Saber 2011.03 Release Notes available on SolvNet.

Saber Power Systems Simulation Seminar proceedings

Seminar Overview
Over 40 attendees participated in the technical seminar held in the Detroit area in October. The event was an interactive forum about using Saber for physical modeling, simulation, and analysis of electrical and multi-domain power systems. See the proceedings including customer presentations, best practices and product capability updates.

Proceedings Content:
  • DC Accuracy Analysis by way of Simulation — Agilent Technologies
  • You Can't Do That with Signal Flow — Synopsys
  • Conducted RF Emissions Simulation — Delphi Automotive
  • Demystifying Modeling: How to Get the Right Models for Your Design — Synopsys
  • Saber Product Line Update — Synopsys
  • Designing for Reliability with Simulation-Based Methods — Synopsys
  • SaberRD: Desktop Simulation for Power Systems — Synopsys
  • Accelerating ECU Design with Virtual Prototyping — Synopsys

Download the Saber Power Systems Simulation Seminar proceedings

New Power Electronics Models & Tools
The significant advances in Saber's power electronics models and tool capabilities delivered in the 2011.03 major release are the culmination of more than a year of development effort and interim releases to users. Following are some highlights of these new models and tools.

New models
The following new model families provide users with "place-and-go" implementations that offer great performance, accuracy, and require minimal user characterization:

  • Power Electronics Bridges – 18 new models in a range of topologies, including single and 3-phase, half-wave, full-wave, half bridge, and H-bridge
  • PWM Generators — 15 new models for open and closed loop control of single and 3-phase bridges
  • Dynamic Thermal Bridge Blocks — Adds dynamic thermal behavior to several bridge topologies

Modeling tools
Several enhancements to Saber's modeling tools include the following:

  • IGBT Characterization — unified view of electrical characteristics, efficiency and robustness improvements, integrated optimizer, CoPack diode characterization, usability enhancements
  • Power Diode Tool — Silicon Carbide (SiC) support added

Contact the Saber Team for more information

Saber User Tip: Performing SaberRD-Simulink Cosimulation
Did you know that SaberRD supports cosimulation with Simulink, allowing users to directly couple a physical system model in SaberRD with a control algorithm model in Simulink?

Read this SolvNet article with step-by-step instructions for performing SaberRD-Simulink cosimulation.

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