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NEW: SaberRD – Desktop Environment for Power System Design
The design of modern power systems demands modern tools for modeling and simulating physical behavior. The March 2010 release of the Saber Products marks the introduction of SaberRD, an intuitive desktop environment for designing and simulating complex power systems.

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Recent Articles

Robustness Validation, Part 1: FMEA Made Easy
Published in German in Elektronik Automotive, "Teil 1: FMEA leicht gemacht"
Key topics: Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)

Robustness Validation, Part 2: Finding the Worst Case
Published in German in Elektronik Automotive, "Teil 2: Dem Worst Case auf der Spur"
Key topics: Worst-case analysis (WCA)

Saber Worst-Case Analysis
Advantages of powerful new capability introduced in Saber 2009.12
Key topics: system reliability, parameter variation, circuit simulation, comparison of EVA, RSS, Monte-Carlo and WCA methods

Simulation In Photovoltaics: From Solar Cells To Full-Scale Arrays
Key topics: Solar cell fabrication process simulation, PV module performance, solar array performance variables, maximum power point tracking (MPPT), system-level simulation, power electronics, control algorithm optimization

Virtual Prototyping with Simulation for Complex HEV Applications
Preferred method for achieving vehicle reliability and cost targets
Key topics: Robust Design, Zero Defect Design, statistical analysis, comparison of virtual and physical prototyping, systems simulation, modeling standards, VHDL-AMS, VDA

What's New in the Saber 2010.03-1 Release?
The Saber 2010.03-1 release is now available for download on SolvNet. This full feature release marks the introduction of SaberRD and includes new analysis tools, usability enhancements, and quality improvements to the Saber Simulation, Saber Harness, and CosmosScope products.

Release highlights include:
  • SaberRD - Integrated desktop environment for modeling, simulating, and analyzing complex power systems.
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  • Power Electronics Bridges and PWM Sources - 30 easy-to-characterize models for power conversion and motor control applications.
  • Spice Model Wizard - Reuse Spice models from the web directly in SaberRD
  • New Optimizer added to Modeling Tools
  • Diode Tool - Allows fast and accurate characterization of power diode behavior from measured data.
  • Thermal Impedance Tool - Model thermal networks of semiconductor device packages.
  • VHDL-AMS Language - Added support for Shared Variables.
  • Saber View - New user-friendly interface based on Microsoft IIS.
  • Model Documentation - Automatically generated from MAST template source code.
  • Windows 7 Support - For Saber Simulation, SaberRD, Saber Harness, and CosmosScope.

For more details, refer to the Saber 2010.03-1 Release Notes available on SolvNet.

SNUG Munich – Saber User Technical Papers & Presentations (SolvNet Login Required)

Frameway - The Interface for CR5000 Systemdesigner and Saber
Author(s): Markus Röder [Bosch Engineering GmbH]

Seamless Transition from Functional SysML Specification to Virtual Prototyping using Saber
Author(s): Joerg Christoffers, Wladimir Schamai [EADS Innovation Works]

Paper Presentation

Data Documentation Through External tcl Packages Combined with Saber
Author(s): Joerg Christoffers, Wladimir Schamai [EADS Innovation Works]

Signal Integrity Evaluation on Aeronautic FlexRay Networks
Author(s): Christoph Heller [EADS Innovation Works]

Paper Presentation

Model Generation using Worst Case Analysis Tool
Author(s): Stefan Heimburger [Bosch Engineering GmbH]

Paper Presentation

Saber User Tip: Sharing Signals Between Models of the Same Level

I have two models, all in top level design. One of the models should use the signals from the other model. How do I do this in Saber?

The parameters of one model can be set as an expression of the parameters of another model. Also, the system variables in one model can be used in another model.

Read the SolvNet article and learn how to use these two methods


International Solar Energy Technology Conference (ISETC 2010)
Synopsys Presentation: The Role of Simulation in Photovoltaics: From Solar Cells To Arrays
Mar 22-24 San Jose

SNUG Detroit – Save the Date!
October 21, 2010
Sheraton Detroit Novi
Novi, Michigan, USA

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