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Using Simulation to Implement a Robust Design Flow 

Saber Solutions Address Robust Design Methodologies

Seminar Overview
Listen to our FREE Robust Design Web Seminar to discover how Robust Design methodologies coupled with Synopsys' Saber simulation and analysis solution can improve your design performance and reliability for mechatronic systems. After viewing this web seminar, you will be able to immediately deploy proven techniques to enhance your designs using Robust Design methods.

Who Should Attend?
Automotive and Aerospace/Defense engineers and engineering managers who want to better understand the benefits of using simulation to implement Robust Design principles to develop more efficient mechatronic systems. No experience in Saber or simulation is required to receive benefit from this session.

What You Will Learn
You will learn practical techniques of Robust Design to increase the quality and reliability of mechatronic systems. Robust Design methods are to minimize the effects of parameter variation on system performance to improve product reliability, reduce life-cycle costs, and streamline development processes in Automotive and Aerospace design. Saber supports key advanced analysis features to help engineers reach their Robust Design objectives. This seminar discusses Robust Design issues and theory before showing how Saber is an important tool for improving system reliability.

  • Topic introduction (5 min)
  • Design Overview (10 min)
  • Nominal Design (15 min)
  • Design for Robustness (10 min)
  • Conclusions(15 min)

This seminar is a primer on using simulation to implement a Robust Design flow. During this session you will learn techniques for:
  • Identifying effects to include in a simulation model
  • Verifying nominal system operation
  • Identifying parameters that impact system performance
  • Analyzing system performance when variations are introduced
  • Optimizing system and tolerances to meet robustness requirements
  • Evaluating system stress and failure modes. An example from the industry is used to illustrate these points.

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