End-to-End Prototyping 

Reduce Risk and Speed Time-to-Market 

Synopsys End-to-End Prototyping is a complete solution built from the industry's number one prototyping technologies for architecture design, virtual prototyping and physical prototyping. By addressing challenges at the front-end of both hardware and software design with Synopsys' leading portfolio of prototyping tools (Platform Architect MCO, Virtualizer™ and HAPS®), models and services, development teams can accelerate the software and silicon schedule. The Synopsys End-to-End Prototyping solution enables rapid architecture exploration, pre-RTL and pre-silicon software development, hardware/software integration and system validation and provides value links to join prototyping methodologies together, such as hybrid prototyping. Our proven prototyping tools are supported by extensive libraries of pre-verified models and DesignWare® IP Prototyping Kits to accelerate development and reduce risk.


Architecture Design

Quickly explore tradeoffs in your SoC architecture to achieve optimal product performance and cost

Virtual Prototyping

Accelerate pre-RTL, embedded software development, hardware/software integration and system validation

Physical Prototyping

Accelerate the creation of your ASIC prototype with a high-speed physical prototyping environment including a comprehensive software flow

Power Electronic Systems

Simulate and execute behavioral design, modeling and simulation for power electronics, multi-domain systems and wire harnesses

Market Segments

Synopsys offers software and system developers with a broad portfolio of prototyping technologies for automotive and mobile


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