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FPGA-Based Prototyping Methodology Manual The FPGA-based prototyping methodology manual (FPMM) is a comprehensive and practical guide to using FPGAs as a platform for SoC development and verification. The manual is organized into chapters which are roughly in the same order as the tasks and decisions which are performed during an FPGA-based prototyping project. The FPMM can be read start-to-finish or, since the chapters are designed to stand alone, you can start reading at any point that is of current interest to you.

The authors of the FPMM are experts in prototyping SoC designs using FPGAs and believe that FPGA-based prototyping is crucial to the success of today’s SoC and embedded software projects. The FPMM is a must-read for anyone designing, or getting ready to design an SoC.

You can download a FREE, full eBook edition (English in .pdf, .prc and .epub and Japanese in .pdf), and also purchase printed copies of the English edition through Amazon.com, Synopsys Press, or you can order a copy through any bookstore.

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For more information about the FPMM, including author bios, endorsements, blogs and forums, please visit the FPMM website.

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