CoStart Enablement Services    

Ensuring First Time Project Success 
To accelerate successful deployment of embedded systems architecture design and early performance and power analysis using Platform Architect, semiconductor and electronic products companies can rely on Synopsys services. From tool and methodology training to the creation of architecture models, Synopsys enables you to optimize your deployment for a project or across your entire organization. The goal is your first time project success.
CoStart Enablement Services
Synopsys CoStart is a packaged service that shortens the ramp-up cycle for architecture design methodologies so that users become productive in the shortest time. The Synopsys CoStart program contains an intense knowledge transfer, while assisting in architecture study project planning, use case traffic capture, architecture model creation, simulation, and analysis of results. CoStart Enablement Services are tailored to meet the needs of your project team, offering:
  • Tool, IP model, and methodology training
  • Exclusive access to CoStart Methodology Guidelines and Examples
  • Modeling services to develop or integrate custom interconnect and memory subsystem models
  • Expert consulting and support
CoStart Methodology Guidelines and Examples
More than tool-clicks, Synopsys CoStart methodology guidelines and examples for Platform Architect provide comprehensive design data illustrations that help educate users on Synopsys' state-of-the-art multicore architecture design flow. Available exclusively through Synopsys CoStart Enablement Services, these examples:
  • Ensure end-user value at each step, accelerating results
  • Minimize the modeling effort to get you started and achieve initial value
  • Maximize performance analysis ROI through exploration (not just checking)

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