Platform Security 

Protection from Tampering, Cloning & Other Threats 

The significant growth of connected consumer electronics, such as smartphones and tablets, networking infrastructure, gateways, base stations, femtocells and mobile applications, increases the demand and the importance of platform security. Synopsys' platform security solutions help device manufactures and system providers protect their product from tampering, cloning, and other threats.

Synopsys delivers proven and highly integrated platform security solutions spanning silicon cores to embedded software. These flexible solutions enable Synopsys' customers to build trusted execution environments for their applications.

  • Products

Enables developers to implement a secure boot architecture using software-only constructs or with Synopsys offload engines to accelerate verification and decryption operations in the target system

tRoot enables connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment

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