DesignWare IP for Mobile SoC Designs 

High-performance, low power and low latency IP for mobile SoC designs  

Mobile market dynamics put tremendous pressure on the designers and manufacturers of semiconductors to produce better, faster, and more featured devices, while minimizing power consumption. Designers of applications processors, baseband ICs, wireless combo/companion system-on-chips (SoCs), and other semiconductor devices for the mobile market must produce new designs more quickly and with fewer respins than their competitors to win in the mobile market.

By using Synopsys’s high-performance, low-power, silicon-proven DesignWare® IP solutions, designers can incorporate the required functionality into their chips faster and with significantly less risk.

PDF DesignWare IP for Mobile Brochure

  • Key Applications

High performance, low power IP such as MIPI, USB, LPDDR, HDMI, analog, logic libraries and embedded memories

Low-power, silicon-proven IP supporting a range of widely-used protocols including MIPI, USB, LPDDR, HDMI as well as analog IP, logic libraries, and embedded memories

  • Baseband IC
  • IP solutions for inter-chip communication and off-chip interfaces more

High-speed, low-power IP commonly used in baseband ICs, wireless modems, and integrated applications processors such as LPDDR, USB, MIPI, M-PCIe and analog IP

IP enabling the applications processor in mobile devices to connect to common wired and wireless external interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, and more

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