Customized IP Subsystems 


Subsystem Integration Expertise

To reduce risk and accelerate time to market, Synopsys experts can assist designers in creating and customizing IP subsystems for their specific application requirements as well as integrating the subsystems into their SoCs. Customers can leverage Synopsys’ IP expertise to obtain pre-validated, fully integrated subsystems, reducing the overall effort and cost to assemble and integrate the IP into the SoC. Designers can then focus on differentiation their SoC and not on developing or integrating standards-based IP.

Synopsys experts can assist in every stage of SoC design, including design feasibility and performance estimates, IP configuration and integration, and SoC verification. The experts work directly with system-level designers to ensure that design specifications accurately capture design intent at both the block and chip levels, helping to minimize iterations between the architecture and RTL implementation. Synopsys can assist teams in translating the SoC specification into a high-quality RTL description following best practices pioneered by Synopsys.

IP Subsystem Integration Expertise
IP Subsystem Integration Expertise

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