Success Stories 

Fuji Xerox Develops Scanned Image Data Processing ASIP for Full-Color Digital Multifunction Device Using Synopsys ASIP Designer
“By using Synopsys’ ASIP Designer tool, we were able to reduce gate count by 70%, which enabled us to implement our design in an FPGA and retain the required system performance of printing 70 pages a minute with our multifunction printer.”
Noriaki Tsuchiya, Manager, Controller Development Group, Fuji Xerox

KYOCERA Designs High Performance Image Processing DSP for Next Generation Multi-Function Printer Using Synopsys Processor Designer
“Synopsys’ reputation as an established provider of ASIP development tools, along with their multi-function printer design wins worldwide were key factors in our decision to use Processor Designer for the design of our optimized image processing DSP.”
Michihiro Okada, General Manager of the Software 3 R&D Division, Corporate Software Development Division, KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.

Ricoh – Processor Designer’s Automated Flow Enabled Ricoh to Quickly Develop a Custom DSP for Office Automation Products
Processor Designer provided exactly what we needed - an easy way to create a high quality custom DSP letting us focus on our design expertise rather than RTL and software toolchain implementation details.
Sadahiro Kimura, Senior R&D Engineer, Core Technology R&D Center, Ricoh

CEVA’s MM3000 Mobile Multimedia Platform Successfully Used Processor Designer for 2 Advanced DSP Designs
For an advanced and innovative design like the MM3000, Processor Designer was the only tool that offered the needed tool flow integration and flexibility to get to the optimum implementation.
Erez Bar-Niv, CTO, CEVA

Fujitsu Laboratories Designs Custom DSP for Software-Defined Radio with Synopsys Processor Designer
“Synopsys’ reputation as an established provider of custom processor design tools was a key factor in our decision to use Processor Designer for the design of our custom DSP. The robustness of the tool allowed us to focus on meeting our chip design goals rather than software tool chain development.”
Makoto Mouri, Research Manager, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Yamaha’s XMP-1 DSP Doubles Functionality While Taping Out Six Months Early with Processor Designer
"With Processor Designer we doubled functionality for our high definition sound generator, developing it in just one year, including the entire software development toolchain, while reducing cost."
Morito Morishima, Product Development Department Manager, Semiconductor Division, Yamaha Corporation

Yokogawa Achieves Industry’s Fastest Programmable Logic Controller Performance with Processor Designer
Our PLC FA-M3V has now reached the fastest performance in the world. I don't think many system design engineers know that they can develop such a high performance application-specific embedded processor using Processor Designer.
Hirofumi Okamoto, Group Leader of the PLC Development Division, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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