IP Programmer 


SoCs containing ASIPs require a commercial-quality, well-supported SDK - including a highly optimizing C-compiler and fast simulation model. IP Programmer™ provides just that.

IP Programmer is available to SoC architects who are using IP Designer, or to companies subscribing to our ASIP modeling services. Through IP Programmer, an ASIP-specific software development kit (SDK) can be obtained for any ASIP designed with IP Designer.

The SDK contains ASIP-specific instances of IP Designer tools and offer the same functionality as in the retargetable IP Designer distribution, but they work for one ASIP architecture only. The ASIP-specific tool-kit is intended for software developers who wish to implement their algorithms on  this ASIP.

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Heterogeneous Multicore Systems-on-Chip
Debug perspective in IP Designer's debug view, showing instruction-set
simulation of an MPEG4 motion estimation function on an ASIP

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