IP Designer 


Finding the right balance between efficiency and flexibility requires the ability to quickly evaluate alternative architectures. IP Designer™ offers a complete retargetable tool-suite for exactly this purpose.

IP Designer

With IP Designer, designers can define their ASIP architecture in the nML language. Automatically the IP Designer tools will work for this newly specified ASIP.

nML is a high-level definition language to describe a processor architecture and instruction set (ISA). nML offers designers the abstraction level of a programmer's manual of a processor.

IP Designer consists of the following retargetable tools:
  • Chess is a software compiler that maps C application programs into highly optimised machine code for the ASIP. Chess can cope well with architectural peculiarities of DSP cores. Chess supports instruction-level and data-level parallelism, deeply pipelined instructions, specialised arithmetic functions, custom data-types, specialised address generation units, heterogeneous register structures, and various degrees of instruction encoding (ranging from VLIW to highly encoded instruction sets). Chess produces machine code in the Elf/Dwarf object file format.

  • Bridge is a linker that builds an executable file from separately compiled Elf/Dwarf object files for different C functions.

  • Darts is an assembler and disassembler that translates machine code from assembly into binary format and back.

  • Checkers is an instruction-set simulator (ISS) and graphical debugger generator. The ISS offers bit-accurate execution of machine code, both at cycle-accurate and instruction-accurate level. Through a co-simulation interface, the ISS can easily be coupled to other simulators (e.g. co-simulation with an RTL model or with other ISSs, or integration in a SystemC or virtual platform model). Checkers supports C source-level debugging based on Elf/Dwarf executable files. Checkers' graphical debugger can also connect to the processor hardware to support on-chip debugging. Checkers produces execution profiles to drive the optimisation of the ASIP architecture and of the application software.

  • Go is an RTL generator that translates the nML processor description into synthesisable register transfer language (RTL) hardware modell. A JTAG interface and a debug controller can optionally be generated, to support on-chip debugging.

  • Risk is a test program generator that generates processor-specific assembly test programs.

  • ChessDE is a graphical integrated development environment that integrates all the above tools.

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Development perspective in ChessDE, showing compilation of an MPEG4 motion estimation function on an ASIP
Development perspective in ChessDE, showing compilation
of an MPEG4 motion estimation function on an ASIP

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