Application Specific Instruction-Set Processors 


Developers of complex electronic systems are continuously faced with the challenge of designing more integrated products that offer higher levels of flexibility to address evolving market needs. These devices have a broad range of data processing functions which require programmability and power-efficiency. To meet highly specialized processing requirements in their SoCs, designers often turn to application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs), which offer more architectural specialization as well as instruction and data–level parallelism compared to general-purpose processors.

Synopsys' Processor Designer and IP Designer (including IP Programmer and MP Designer, formerly products of Target Compiler Technologies) are proven tools for automating and accelerating the design of highly-efficient ASIPs.

  • Products

Unified design and implementation of custom processors, including software development toolchain and optimized RTL

Complete tool suite for the implementation and programming of ASIPs (formerly products of Target Compiler Technologies)

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