ARC Solutions for Automotive and Industrial Applications 


Each automobile contains dozens of embedded controllers for powertrain control, infotainment, body electronics and active/passive safety features such as anti-lock brakes, electronic steering control and airbags. ARC® processors provide industry-leading performance efficiency and a portfolio of products supporting automotive-specific features such as integrated sensor control and support for ISO 26262 safety compliance certification.

  • Example Applications

Pre-integrated ARC IP Sensor Subsystem built around ARC EM4 and EM SEP processors for sensor applications including electronic steering control

ARC EM SEP processors support ISO 26262 compliance to accelerate the development of parking assist applications

ARC EM4 processors and the pre-integrated ARC IP Sensor Subsystem provide power- and area-efficient sensor processing for airbags. ARC EM SEP supports ISO 26262 compliance and targets safety applications like airbag control

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