DesignWare Extensions and Options 


Synopsys offers a portfolio of configurable ARC extensions and options that consists of the DesignWare® ARC™ XY Advanced DSP, ARC FPX Floating Point, ARC SmaRT Real-Time Trace and ARC Secure Pipeline products.

The DesignWare ARC XY Advanced DSP product delivers full performance digital signal processing for DesignWare ARC configurable cores. The DesignWare ARC FPX Floating Point Extensions add high performance single and double precision math instructions to the configurable ARC 600, ARC 700 and ARC EM processor families. The DesignWare ARC Small Real-Time Trace facility (SmaRT) is a hardware module that can be integrated into any SoC within the DesignWare ARC configurable architecture. The ARC Secure option enables the encrypted-pipeline feature of the ARC 600 processor cores, allowing the processors to run encrypted code by fetching encrypted instructions and decrypting them when needed.

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Division of address space into regions associated with specific attributes such as read, write, and execute prevents faulting instructions from completing

  • ARC Secure
  • Secure code execution with minimal performance, area and power impactmore

Execution of encrypted code for ARC 600 cores provides cost-effective protection against memory and system attacks with little impact on system performance

Adds the power of a true DSP engine to enable conventional and signal processing computation within a single unified architecture

Adds high-performance single- and double-precision math instructions to dramatically accelerate computations

Enables rapid software debug with minimal increase in die size and no power consumption penalty

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