DesignWare ARC Video Solution 


The DesignWare® ARC® Video solution are based on the Linux-capable ARC750D processor, award winning VRaptor SIMD coprocessors, and intelligently integrated hardware accelerators.

Designed by Video Professionals
The DesignWare ARC Video solution is the only multi-standard video encoder/decoder IP on the market which includes a Linux-capable RISC CPU and can encode, decode or transcode video streams. The fully programmable solution lowers risk for SoC and OEM customers alike, and can address a wide variety of use cases.

Enable Capture and Playback of Exceptional Quality Video
As consumers demand better and better experience from their video-capable devices that capture, share and playback video, designers have to create SoCs that enable high quality visual experience while consuming minimal power. Capable of supporting virtually any format, the DesignWare ARC Video solution can encode and decode exceptional quality video. SoC designers can choose from a wide range of application-optimized ARC Video products to build highly differentiated SoCs.

With exceptional quality video capture at lowest power, the DesignWare ARC Video solution sets the standard for high quality video encoding. Using the DesignWare ARC patent-pending "Dynamic Adaptive Encoding" technology they can adaptively apply different processing resources to achieve the highest quality result within a specified power budget. For example, Dynamic Adaptive Encoding allows the designer to adjust the encoding process in a phone with a fully charged battery versus one running close to empty to maximize the recording time.
PDFARC Video Solution Datasheet


Ideal for ultra low-power portable applications or for high performance broadcast and home entertainment SoCs

Create SoCs that Enable Unsurpassed Consumer Experiences
  • Playback virtually any content – 100% standards compliant, mutli-format support
  • Capture exceptional quality video using Dynamic Adaptive Encoding technology
  • Low power design and Dynamic Adaptive Encoding extend the battery life
Differentiate to Keep the Competitive Edge
  • Use DesignWare ARC Video’s embedded ARC 750D processor as your Linux Host processor to reduce die area, power, and royalty stacking
  • Get a head-start by picking the right application optimized subsystem
  • Fine-tune to create efficient, custom solutions using configurability
  • Programmability allows for user-defined value-add creation
Maximize Success and Minimize Design Risk
  • Full programmability permits “future-proof” design
  • Complete development tool and design flow support
  • Target multiple markets using the same solution
Synopsys provides tools for integrating hardware IP and software licensed from Synopsys into customer SoCs. Synopsys’ DesignWare ARC tools support configuring customized versions of DesignWare ARC subsystems, as well as developing, modeling, and debugging software and hardware. Synopsys’ DesignWare ARC advanced tools work with a broad offering of third party industry standard tools needed for taking products from concept to production. Learn more
DesignWare ARC Video Family Subsystem

DesignWare ARC Video 407V

DesignWare ARC Video 417V

DesignWare ARC Video 404V

DesignWare ARC Video 401V

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