DesignWare ARC 700 Processor Core Family 


Synopsys' DesignWare® ARC® 700 Family of 32-bit RISC processor cores are ideal for deeply embedded applications and DSP tasks where high performance and low power consumption is required. To address a wide range of processing needs, the DesignWare ARC 700 family includes flexible memory options such as single-cycle Closely Coupled Memories (CCMs) for instructions and data, as well as configurable I-cache and D-cache.

The DesignWare ARC 700 family offers a broad range of processor solutions that enable system-on-chip (SoC) designers to create a wide range of embedded microprocessors that are optimized for their specific target applications. These solutions include the DesignWare ARC 710D, ARC 725D and ARC 770D.

Optional DSP and floating point unit (FPU) capabilities enable designers to address a wide range of processing requirements with a single host application processor. Using a single processor simplifies the design, lowers silicon-area and enables faster debug of the chip.

Synopsys' ARC processors have been used by more than 170 customers worldwide who collectively ship more than 700 million ARC-based chips annually. The DesignWare ARC processors are extendable, allowing designers to add their own custom instructions that dramatically increase performance.

DesignWare ARC processor cores are supported by a variety of 3rd-party tools, operating systems and middleware from leading industry vendors, including members of the ARC Access Program.

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  • Products
  • ARC 710D
  • Cacheless 32-bit processor for real-time control more

Optimized for real-time processing, where high speed and deterministic response are required. Small area, low power and configurable architectural make the core ideal for multi-core applications

Full-featured high performance embedded core with best-in-class die area and power characteristics. It is a complete processor solution for complex SoCs targeted at demanding applications in consumer, networking, automotive and other markets. The core’s flexible, configurable memory architecture makes it ideal for RTOS-based applications

  • ARC 770D
  • High-performance processor with MMU and Linux acceleration package more

The ARC 770D processor core delivers up to 30% higher performance running Linux, Android or other high-end operation system. The ARC 770D processor core is ideal for embedded multi-core and portable applications

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