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Simplify Sensor and Actuator Functionality for your IoT Solution
Learn how sensor fusion functions in IoT apps are expanding to include biometric control features and how this increasing system complexity can be addressed with a tightly integrated IP subsystem.
Rich Collins, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Nov 12, 2014
High-Speed Embedded Linux Processing on an Embedded Power Budget
This webinar will look at a new high-speed processor implementation that can bring high-performance to your Linux-based embedded designs while significantly reducing power consumption.
Mike Thompson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Nov 06, 2014
Develop Low Power Voice and Sensor Devices for IoT Apps
Learn how the efficient response and low power consumption of the ARC® EM DSP processor and Sensory TrulyHandsfree™ software solution deliver excellent performance with long battery life for IoT apps.
Paul Garden, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys; Bernard Brafman, Vice President of Business Development, Sensory
Sep 18, 2014
Simplifying Sensor SoC Integration with a Pre-Verified Sensor IP Subsystem
Learn how an integrated, pre-verified sensor IP subsystem consisting of hardware and software eases the integration effort, while offering a 40-60% area savings with lower latency.
Rich Collins, Product Marketing Manager, IP Subsystems, Synopsys
Sep 04, 2013

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