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Synopsys DesignWare USB IP core, PHY and verification IP solutions


As an industry leader in USB IP cores, Synopsys' DesignWare USB IP solutions provide a complete portfolio of high-quality USB digital controller, PHY and verification IP for system-on-chip (SoC) designs. By providing a comprehensive, fully integrated solution, Synopsys' DesignWare USB IP helps your projects get to tape out on schedule and work on first silicon by lowering integration risk and improving time-to-market.

More than 3,000 customers trust DesignWare USB IP for their SoCs. See why Synopsys is the Trusted USB IP Partner.

PDF USB Complete Solution Datasheet

The DesignWare® SuperSpeed USB IP complete solution is based on the USB 3.0 specification from the USB Implementers Forum and consists of the xHCI host and device controllers, PHY and verification IP.

Implements a new power sleep state which reduces power consumption, by providing faster suspend and resume times by three orders of magnitude.

The IP performs as a standard Hi-Speed Dual-Role Device (DRD), operating as either a USB 2.0 compliant peripheral or a USB 2.0 host

USB 2.0 Host
Compliant with the specifications for the USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) and the USB 1.1 Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) 1.0.

USB 2.0 Device
Compliant to the USB 2.0 specification. The IP supports high-speed (480-Mbps), full-speed (12 Mbps), and low-speed (1.5 Mbps) devices and USB 2.0 UTMI

  • USB 2.0 PHY IP
  • Designed for single-chip, USB 2.0 integration in Device and Host applicationsmore

USB 2.0 picoPHY
The USB 2.0 picoPHY supports the Battery Charging v1.1 and OTG 2.0 specifications, and is designed for low power and small area

USB 2.0 nanoPHY
Compliant to the USB 2.0 specification. The USB 2.0 nanoPHY is targeted to leading 45nm, 65nm, 90nm, and 130nm low power CMOS digital logic processes

Compliant to the USB 2.0 specification. The IP supports 1.2V LVCMOS signaling with integrated PHY including transmitter, receiver, digital core, ESD & 480 Hz PLL

USB 1.1 Host
The USB 1.1 Host is compliant with the USB 1.1 specification. The IP supports full and low speeds and is compatible with USB 2.0 & Open HCI 1.0 specifications area.

USB 1.1 Device
The USB 1.1 Device is compliant with USB 1.1 specification. The IP supports full and low speeds devices.

USB 1.1 Hub
The USB 1.1 Hub is compliant with USB 1.1 specification. The IP supports low-speed and full speed devices on downstream ports

Synopsys Verification IP provides a quick and efficient way to verify USB 2.0 Hosts, Devices and Hubs with support for High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed Interfaces.

Synopsys Verification IP for USB 3.0 is a multi-layered VIP for the verification of USB Hosts, Devices and Hubs with support for SuperSpeed, High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed Interfaces.

DesignWare USB IP Alliance Program

The Synopsys DesignWare® USB Alliance Program establishes a network of qualified USB software providers for drivers, firmware and stacks, which have proven interoperability with Synopsys' DesignWare USB 2.0 and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 IP. Synopsys and its Alliance members enable system manufacturers to easily incorporate USB connectivity into their system-on-chip (SoC) designs with less risk, and provide consumers with the plug-and-play functionality required in PCs, peripherals, mobile devices and consumer electronic products.

Platinum Members

MCCI MCCI is a leading developer of both SuperSpeed and legacy USB drivers and firmware for the high volume portable device markets. The company provides firmware and system software, including the PictBridge and MTP middleware solutions for OEM/ODM manufacturers of cellphones, PDAs, computers, and other intelligent devices. MCCI experts have leadership roles in worldwide technical Standards activities, including the USB-IF Promoter and Device Working Groups where MCCI staff chairs the Comm-NCM and Enhanced Connectivity Groups and is the Technical Editor for the Audio-Video Specification. In addition, MCCI experts participate within MIPI, JEDEC, MCPC, PCCA, GSMA and the Bluetooth SIG. A privately held corporation, MCCI has its headquarters in Ithaca, NY and support/development offices in Austin, TX; Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; and Tokyo, Japan.

Gold Members

emsys emsys Embedded Systems GmbH focuses on the development of hardware and software for embedded Systems, in the form of hard and soft IP (intellectual property) components. The domains of application are fast serial buses such as USB, FireWire™, and Ethernet.
Jungo Jungo is a leading supplier of connectivity software solutions and driver development tools to device manufacturers, OEMs and chipset vendors in a wide range of industries, including Mobile handsets, Digital Entertainment, Automobiles and Mobile Broadband. Jungo's complete software solutions include USBware - embedded USB software stacks and DriverCore - standard PC communication drivers, ensuring interoperability, stability and robustness for mass market deployment. Jungo's solution have been widely deployed by Tier-1 platform manufacturers and OEMs and is comprehensively field-tested.

Jungo's MediaCore™ middleware for automobile entertainment systems integrates USB stacks and multimedia USB class drivers with hardware access and unified APIs to provide a comprehensive connectivity suite for a wide range of devices using USB, Bluetooth, Local Bus, Ethernet or WiFi connectivity.
To find out more about Jungo, visit

Silver Members

MicroDigital Micro Digital, Inc. has been in the embedded systems business for over 30 years and has been producing and selling embedded software products for 20 years. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and support for embedded systems at moderate prices.

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