Introducing DesignWare Enterprise 10G PHY  

Enterprise 10G PHY Supporting 10GBASE-KR and PCI Express 3.0 

Synopsys' multi-channel, multi-protocol DesignWare® Enterprise 10G PHY IP is part of a high-performance multi-rate transceiver portfolio, meeting the growing needs of high-bandwidth applications with high-speed chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and backplane interfaces.

Using leading-edge design, analysis, simulation, and measurement techniques, the Enterprise 10G PHY delivers exceptional signal integrity and jitter performance that exceeds the PCI-SIG and IEEE standards' electrical specifications for PCI Express 3.0 and 10GBASE-KR. The PHY is small in area and provides a low-power, cost-effective solution that supports multiple industry standards.

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View these videos to get the answers to common customer questions about PCI Express 3.0 and PHY design.


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