DesignWare DigRF IP Solutions 


The DesignWare® DigRF solution consists of the controller and PHY IP which are compliant to the 3G DigRF specification. The 3G DigRF protocol is a chip-to-chip interface used for communication between the digital baseband integrated circuit (IC) and the analog baseband/RF IC. The IP is targeted for 3GPP 3G/3G/2.5G (UMTS/EGPRS) mobile terminals and supports basic handset and local diversity through multiplexed interfaces.

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The 3G DigRF digital controllers are compliant with the 3G DigRF v3.09 specification and include an AMBA APB interface.

The 3G DigRF PHY IP is compliant with the 3G DigRF v3.09 specification, supporting advanced 65nm process technologies

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