Accelerating Innovation 

Accelerating Innovation 

Our comprehensive, integrated portfolio of EDA tools, semiconductor IP and services provide solutions that help designers accelerate their innovation:

Technical innovation is increasingly impacting everyone, everything, everywhere, every day. Consumers want it all – 24/7. Markets are uncertain and a better version of the latest product is no longer sufficient, but the opportunities for innovation are endless. What will you design next?

A Spotlight on Our Customers' and Partners' Latest Innovations

"Synopsys' Verification Compiler offers a vision with the potential to... take verification productivity to the next level."
"Our RTD2995 smart TV controller was the industry's first comprehensive single-chip solution in mass production."
"Using Synopsys ZeBu Server-3, we were able to achieve 3.5 MHz performance on our latest PowerVR GPUs."
"Synopsys' ARC Software Development Platform offers a pre-validated, integrated solution that allows software engineers to start developing software much faster and earlier in the design cycle."

— Jonah Alben, NVIDIA

— Jessy Chen, Realtek

— Martin Ashton, Imagination

— Clint Cole, Digilent, Inc.