Synopsys Insight 

2011 Past Issues 
Issue 4 - 2011
- Build Low-Power, High-Performance Mobile SoCs with Complete MIPI Solutions
- Reducing Power with Advanced Synthesis
- Achieving Faster Hierarchical Design Throughput
- Next-Generation Low-Power Data Converters for High-Performance Communication Applications
- High-Performance Analog Simulation with Multicore CPUs
- The Next Major Shift in Verification is SoC Verification
- An Insider Look into the EDA Industry’s Largest Technical Conference: SNUG
- Latest News on Product Updates, Technologies, Services and Solutions
- Four Reasons Why Synopsys Supports Industry Standards

Issue 3, 2011
- Interoperable Process Design Kits (iPDKs) Gain Momentum
- Signoff-Driven ECO Guidance for Faster Timing Closure
- TLMCentral: The Industry-Wide Web Portal for Transaction-Level Modeling
- In-Design Physical Verification: Automatic DRC Repair
- Accelerating Virtual Prototype Development
- Estimating Circuit Lifetime
- Overcoming Cost and Complexity in Verification
- Industry Initiatives: Enabling Virtual Prototyping
- Latest News on Product Updates, Technologies, Services and Solutions
- Setting Standards: Will the Best Technology Win?

Issue 2, 2011
- Synopsys and TSMC Go Virtual with 28nm Reference Flow
- Faster Simulation Without More Hardware
- Virtual Prototyping for Software Developers
- Accelerate Design by Exploring Early RTL and Constraints
- DesignWare® IP: Product Updates and Customer Successes
- EDA in the Clouds: Myth Busting
- The Standards Column: DAC Meeting Highlights Standards Progress
- Biggest SNUG Ever Kicks Off the 2011 Global SNUG Program
- DAC 2011 in Review
- Recent and Upcoming Speaking Events

Issue 1, 2011
- Introducing the FPGA-based Prototyping Methodology Manual
- Expanding Synthesis-based Test for Higher QoR and Lower Cost
- Optimizing Multicore System Performance