Synopsys Insight 

2007 Past Issues 
Issue  4 - 2007
- The Future of Connected Mobile Computing
- Synopsys Launches Open Community Website
- Low Power Methodology Demystified
- Achieving Higher Yielding Silicon
- Transaction-Level Co-emulation Added to VMM Methodology
- Delivering Simultaneous Silicon and Software

Regional Focus
- SNUG Europe 2007
- Synopsys at Sophia Antipolis MicroElectronics (SAME) Conference

- SoC BENCHMARK: SoC Benchmark

Issue  3 - 2007
- Why Power Standards Matter
- Sign-Off: Statistical Revolution Needs an Evolutionary Approach
- Innovation in Wireless Power Design

Regional Focus
- Synopsys at DAC 2007 Helping You Design the Chip Inside
- Rebuilding the Yongming School
- Discovery™ Verification Seminars – India and Israel

- SoC BENCHMARK: SoC Benchmark

Issue  2 - 2007
- Helping the Industry Meet New Challenges
- Addressing Process Variation in 45nm Designs
- Automating Multi-Voltage Design in a Reference Flow
- Delivering High-Performance IP for Decoding High Definition Media

Regional Focus
- China: a Global IC Opportunity
- Profile of a SNUG San Jose Designer

- SoC BENCHMARK: SoC Benchmark

Issue  1 - 2007
- Continuous Hardware-Software Development
- A Practical Approach to Measuring IC Design Productivity
- Power Planning Billion Transistor FPGAs with Astro-Rail™
- Redpine Signals Differentiates with Ultra-Low Power

Regional Focus
- Synopsys India Supplies Tools for Universities
- Synopsys Responds to Customer Needs for Flexibility and IP
- Synopsys China at ICCAD
- Synopsys Community Relations

- SoC BENCHMARK: Design bottlenecks: Designers rank infrastructure issues highly