Synopsys Insight 

2005 Past Issues 
December, 2005
- Technology and Productivity Momentum
- Simplifying DSP Hardware Development within a MATLAB-based Design Flow
- Sentaurus: The Next Generation Integrated TCAD Simulation Tool Suite

October - November, 2005
- Technology and Productivity Momentum
- Integrating Design and Process
- Pioneer-NTB for SystemVerilog Testbench Automation
- Designing for Flip Chip Devices

September, 2005
- Design and Process Development for 65nm and Beyond
- Simplifying DSP Hardware Development within a MATLAB-based Design Flow
- Designing Using the AMBA 3 AXI Protocol Easing the Design Challenges and Putting the Verification Task on a Fast Track to Success

July - August, 2005
- Using SystemVerilog Assertions in RTL Code
- Design Compiler 2005

May-June, 2005
- Diversifying Design Trends in North America
- Next Generation Scan Synthesis

April, 2005
- Honeywell and Synopsys: Concept-to-Parts Solutions for Next Generation Rad-Hard ASICs
- Software Development and SoC Verification on a Mixed-Level Model Platform
- Agere Systems Network Processor Design

March, 2005
- Implementing Multi-standard Broadcast Technologies
- High Accuracy Delay Calculation for Deep Submicron Technologies
- Designing for Yield: An Increasing Necessity

February, 2005
- Semiconductor Growth in the Automotive Market
- Test and Design Reuse
- COMIP™: The Design of a High-Performance Multi-core Communications Chip

January, 2005
- Application-Specific ICs: Future Industry Trends
- Test Solutions for Deep Submicron Technologies
- Ricoh: Super-parallel Processing Engine Enables High-End Image Processor Design