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Issue 2, 2011
DAC 2011 in Review

Synopsys Insight reports on Synopsys’ activity and some of the key announcements made at DAC 2011.

The 48th Design Automation Conference (DAC) took place in San Diego on June 5-9. As the main industry event for circuit design, silicon solutions and electronic design automation, DAC attracts delegates from across the world. Technical presentations from industry leaders covered embedded systems hardware and software design, IC design and verification, EDA tool usage, and emerging technologies among other things. The conference also featured over 200 exhibitors, workshops and awards for professionals and students.

As usual, Synopsys had a significant presence at DAC this year. As well as engaging with many customers at its booth on the show floor, the company participated in numerous panel discussions, hosted its annual “Interoperability Breakfast”, and joined with its leading partners in a number of events to help advance the SoC ecosystem. Some of the Synopsys DAC highlights are featured in this article.

Eleventh Annual Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award
One award given at DAC was the Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award. Synopsys presents this award annually to organizations, universities or individuals that have surpassed common levels of interoperability, contributed to overall industry advancement or helped provide a new view of the future for EDA interoperability.

This year, Synopsys presented the award to Shrenik Mehta for his work at Accellera, a leading standards organization in EDA. Shrenik has more than 25 years’ experience in the semiconductor and system industry; covering product development, hardware design and verification, software and EDA tools and methods.

As chairperson of Accellera from 2005 to 2010, Shrenik formed several partnerships, which helped to create industry-wide standards, including Unified Power Format (UPF), and Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), as well as the most widely-adopted HDL standard, SystemVerilog.

Accepting his award, Shrenik said, "I am deeply honored to accept the Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award this year. The collaborative industry standards have transformed the system-on-chip design methodologies worldwide and enabled designer productivity benefits to semiconductor, systems, IP and EDA companies. I would like to share this award with all the individuals who have contributed to these standards and thank them for their genuine commitment and effort over the years."

Synopsys Signs Access Agreements with ARM
As well as rewarding a visionary for his contribution to the industry, DAC was also an opportunity for Synopsys to announce its latest agreements with longstanding partner, ARM. Highlights include a multi-year expanded EDA tools agreement providing ARM engineering teams extended access to Synopsys' leading-edge EDA technology. ARM will also provide Synopsys with access to ARM Cortex-A15 processor intellectual property (IP) to maximize performance and energy efficiency of SoCs built by ARM's partners using this advanced ARM processor and Synopsys tools. Finally, the agreement will enable design teams to rapidly deliver products to market by taking advantage of processor cores and EDA tools optimized to work well together.

It’s great news for SoC design teams, who are under constant pressure to deliver SoCs that use leading technology, reduce costs and offer gigahertz performance using milliwatt power. The new agreement enables ARM Cortex-A15 processor licensees to achieve more effective results. Design teams now have access to tools that create optimized SoCs to enable products to get to market faster, and with less risk.

Demonstrations and Discussions
Over the course of the conference, Synopsys hosted a number of technology and partner demonstrations, including ARM IP and Systems, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, IBM, Samsung and TSMC.

At its IC Compiler luncheon, Synopsys welcomed Juniper, Lantiq, LSI, Panasonic and Renesas to talk about how they have taped out multimillion instance, gigascale designs with IC Compiler. Other luncheons and receptions hosted by Synopsys focused on a range of topics including PrimeTime, verification, the IPL Alliance and Analog/Mixed-Signal.

At the core of DAC is its conference program and Synopsys technical experts participated in numerous panel discussions, tutorials and user tracks.

The Voices of DAC
Synopsys is providing a unique insight into the people at the heart of the SoC ecosystem through Conversation Central – a series of audio and video broadcast interviews with industry experts at DAC. In total, 29 interviews were held on a broad range of topics and a sampling of some of the topics and guests is highlighted below:

All 29 interviews, hosted by Karen Bartleson, Synopsys senior director of Community Marketing, are available online so be sure to tune in.

Looking forward DAC 2012
DAC 2011 was a great success and preparations have already begun for DAC 2012. For more information visit

DAC 2012: June 3-7, San Francisco

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