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Issue 2, 2012

Global SNUG Program
Tap into SNUG 2012 – Your Global Design Community Focused on Innovation

The annual Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) program delivers insightful keynotes, practical “how to” technical information and networking opportunities to more than 9,000 designers around the world. With the 2012 SNUG program well underway, Ken Nelsen, vice president of Applications Consulting for Synopsys and executive sponsor for the global SNUG program, reflects on the ingredients that combine to make SNUG the most highly-valued user meetings for design engineers worldwide.

Figure 1

The goal of every SNUG conference is to provide relevant technical information that attendees can take back to their desks and immediately apply to current projects. We also aim to deliver technology insights that can help our customers drive future innovation.

SNUG conferences:

Are User-Driven and Relevant
Each SNUG represents a successful collaboration between Synopsys and our customers. Many conferences, including those in North America and Europe, have a formal user input channel through a customer Technical Committee. While every SNUG has a shared goal to deliver quality technical content, each of the 15 conferences has its own unique perspective and personality driven by the type of designs being done by the local Synopsys user community. For instance, in Silicon Valley the hot topics this year included 20nm design, 3D-IC and FinFET while at SNUG Germany the program included an automotive track. No matter what the topics, the goal is to make sure the technical sessions are useful to the people sitting in the room.

Provide Outstanding Networking Opportunities
There are surprisingly few opportunities for members of the design community to engage face-to-face with peers doing similar work at different companies. Based on feedback from SNUG participants, we have expanded opportunities for conference attendees to engage informally with each other and to have non-structured interactions with Synopsys executives and technical experts. Attendees are also likely to find Aart de Geus, Chi-Foon Chan or other Synopsys leaders waiting with them at the buffet line, creating an opportunity for impromptu conversations. What the conference attendees may not know is just how much the executives value these informal engagements and the opportunity to hear firsthand from the people who are using our tools.

Deliver Insightful Keynotes
The Synopsys executive team recognizes the importance of SNUG as an opportunity to share Synopsys' vision and technology roadmap with our customers, and they clock many hours in the air covering the SNUG map to deliver keynotes. In addition to the Synopsys executive keynote, many SNUGs also feature speakers from top local companies, technology luminaries and Synopsys' industry partners.

View the SNUG Silicon Valley keynotes by Aart de Geus, Chairman and co-CEO, Synopsys, John Cornish, Executive Vice President, ARM, and Chenming Hu, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley and Former CTO at TSMC.

Showcase a Range of Solutions
Our conferences in Silicon Valley, India, Japan and Boston host what we call a “Designer Community Expo” where companies, representing seven designer communities, showcase their products integrated with Synopsys solutions to help address your design challenges. Other conferences offer attendees informal opportunities to engage with SNUG sponsors.

Figure 2

If you are a regular SNUG participant, we look forward to welcoming you back to a 2012 SNUG conference. If you've never experienced a SNUG, why not make 2012 the year that you join our global design community at a local SNUG meeting?

To learn more about your local SNUG conference, visit the SNUG community pages.

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    About the Author
    Ken Nelsen is the vice president of Applications Consulting for Synopsys and executive sponsor for the global SNUG program. Ken joined Synopsys in 1990 and has been responsible for leading SNUG since 1995. Ken earned his BSEE from Loyola Marymount University and his MSEE from the University of Southern California.

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