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Issue 2, 2011
Biggest SNUG Ever Kicks Off the 2011 Global SNUG Program

Have you made it to a Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) conference yet this year? We report the highlights from the kickoff of the 2011 program at SNUG San Jose – the benchmark for EDA user conferences, and look forward to meeting with customers at the other 12 SNUGs that will be held around the world during the rest of the year.

The 2011 SNUG conference season kicked off with the three-day event in San Jose, and by every measure, the conference set the bar for a successful 2011 program. SNUG San Jose established a new attendance record of 2,375 users, which makes it the largest EDA users group ever. The attendees engaged with other users and Synopsys technical experts over a three-day program featuring over 100 hours of technical content, including 36 user papers, 43 tutorials, three vision sessions and two panels. The audience rated the presentations highly, and the technical committee, which comprises user representatives, confirmed how pleased they were with the quality of the program.

Figure 1: Dr. Aart de Geus, Synopsys CEO, delivers his Fast Forward! keynote.
Figure 1: Dr. Aart de Geus, Synopsys CEO, delivers his Fast Forward! keynote.

The always anticipated highlight of each SNUG San Jose conference is the keynote from Synopsys’ co-founder and chief executive, Dr. Aart de Geus. This year, his “Fast Forward!” theme focused on the need for design teams to accelerate the design process, while reducing costs and seeking ways to differentiate their products. A video of Dr. de Geus’ presentation is available here (you’ll need Synopsys Secure Sign In or SolvNet userID). On the final day of the conference, Dr. KH Kim, executive vice president from Samsung, presented a customer keynote on the challenges and solutions in designing state-of-the-art ICs. The challenges include how to achieve 5x performance increases and 50x network bandwidth increases while keeping to the same power budget. In finding solutions to the challenges, Dr. Kim highlighted the importance of collaboration between EDA, IP and foundry companies.

Figure 2: SNUG Designer Community Expo (DCE) provided an opportunity for attendees to visit with more than 60 partner companies.
Figure 2: SNUG Designer Community Expo (DCE) provided an opportunity for attendees to visit with more than 60 partner companies.

Last year, Synopsys expanded the SNUG program with the launch of the first SNUG Designer Community Expo or DCE. Just one year later, the SNUG DCE has grown substantially to feature 70 booths representing 64 companies and 7 designer communities with over 650 attendees and more than 200 partner representatives.

Brand new for the 2011 SNUG program was the IP Summit. This track focused on topics such as MIPI, USB 3.0, ARC® processors, logic libraries and memories. Technical demonstrations of IP prototyping allowed attendees to understand how the methodology enables both hardware and software teams to get up and running quickly.

A conference tradition is to acknowledge technical excellence by recognizing the top user papers, based on votes by the conference attendees. This year, the accolades went to Phil Simpson and Jennifer Stephenson of Altera Corporation, Richard Bishop of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. and Bob Turner of Broadcom Corporation.

Looking Ahead
There are still opportunities to attend SNUG conferences during 2011. Between June and October Synopsys will host SNUG conferences in France, India, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Boston and Austin. For details of dates, locations and how to register, visit the SNUG site here.

For those customers who cannot make it to a conference, the conference proceedings are also available online at:

Synopsys and its first customers collaborated to establish SNUG 21 years ago. Today, it is a highly respected global user conference held in more than a dozen locations. While the event has increased dramatically in scale, it remains true to the principles on which it was founded – a technical program which brings together Synopsys customers large and small, to interact, share successes and ultimately advance best practices in chip design.

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