Transaction-based Verification and HW/SW Co-verification with the Synopsys ZeBu® Emulator
This webinar provides an overview of the use models and benefits of advanced emulation technology, with an in-depth focus on Synopsys' ZeBu® Server product family. Different verification strategies using HW-assisted tools and their evolution from basic in-circuit emulation (ICE) through to today's most advanced emulation mode - transaction-based verification (TBV), are discussed. Transaction-based verification is explained in detail using several actual deployment examples to demonstrate its benefits.
Miguel Koch, Product Solution Sales Manager, Synopsys
Oct 08, 2013

Transaction-Based Verification with Emulation
This webinar focuses on the use model and the benefits of transaction-based verification (TBV) with the ZeBu® emulation system including the trade-offs to consider in order to optimize TBV for performance, and achieve full visibility debug. This webinar includes an overview of TBV and its unique benefits. Details on transactor development and integration, including how to architect the split between a testbench and ZeBu emulation systems, is also discussed. This Webinar is intended for design and verification engineers and managers.
Lance Tamura , CAE manager, Verification Group, Synopsys; Lawrence Vivolo, Director of Solutions Marketing, Synopsys
Aug 28, 2013