Reinventing Coverage and Planning with Verdi—A Fully Integrated, Complete Verification Closure Flow To Help You Deliver Chips On Time
The Synopsys Verdi® Coverage solution provides comprehensive planning and coverage analysis technologies as a part of the industry-leading Verdi3™Automated Debug System. We'll discuss why Synopsys' native integration of planning, coverage, and debug technologies provide a complete closure solution to help meet demanding schedules and provide teams with more confidence when asked the inevitable question: '"Are we done yet?"
Steve Chappell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Debug and Analysis, Synopsys; Michael Horn, Verification Technologist, Synopsys
Oct 14, 2014

Siloti Correlation Technology Improves Cross-Abstraction Levels and Debug Productivity
Learn how Siloti™ correlation technology automatically does the mapping for designers between RTL and gate-level designs and simulation waveforms. Usage flows and examples of applications will be provided.
Thomas Li, Product Marketing Director, Debug, Verification Group, Synopsys; Chun Chan, R&D Manager, Debug, Verification Group, Synopsys
Dec 04, 2013

Transaction Debug with Verdi3
In this webinar, you'll learn how to maximize your productivity by using Verdi's Transaction Debugging technology to dump, visualize and trace transactions. You'll learn how the tool's vertical correlation allows you to take the debug to the signal level waveform while retaining all of the necessary debugging details.
Rich Chang, Product Marketing Manager for Debug, Synopsys
May 22, 2013