A second classroom opened at European Regional Academy

On November 2, 2012 one more classroom was opened at European Regional Academy. A year ago the first educational lab was established due to VivaCell-MTS financial investments and educational packages of electronic automated design software provided by Synopsys.

“The world has its rules and demands flexibility in obtaining education. VivaCell-MTS is ready to support students who are open to the challenges of life and committed to building a knowledge-based future. Enhance the limits of your knowledge and set new benchmarks in IT sphere for our country,” says VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The Synopsys educational model implemented with specialization in Microelectronic circuits and systems for means of communication will give the Academy students an opportunity to feel the connection between theory and practice, to get sufficient knowledge and skills to be used in practice. According to the model, upon the end of the second year of studies on bachelor’s level, the best students of the Academy’s School of Information Technologies will be involved in the program based on the results of a planned contest. The selection committee will include experts from Synopsys and VivaCell-MTS.

“Availability of high quality and up-to-date professionals is a top priority for the development of the sphere of information and telecommunications,” says Synopsys Armenia director Hovik Musayelyan. “This program is a brilliant example of a trilateral cooperation for preparation of professionals equipped with the most advanced knowledge and skills.”

“One of the important advantages of the applied model is its adaptability to a particular sphere, which is best visible in the case of the means of communication and telecommunications,” says an honorable scientist of the Republic of Armenia, head of Synopsys Armenia Education Department and Microelectronic Circuits and Systems of Communication Facilities chair of the European Regional Academy, professor Vazgen Melikyan. “I am sure the achievements we anticipate as a result of this cooperation will be equal to the one we had with other universities in Armenia and the region.”

“Our cooperation with Synopsys Armenia and VivaCell-MTS greatly facilitates improvement of bachelor degree educational programs by offering students in information technologies professional knowledge and skills on a new level especially in the sphere of microelectronics,” says the rector of the Academy Andranik Avetisyan. “During the studies and the internships the students are given a chance to implement their knowledge within real projects implemented by representatives of co-founding and co-authoring companies, which helps start working immediately upon graduation.”

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