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ArmTech Congress ’09
Armenian High Tech Industry Conference
Silicon Valley
San Jose, USA
November 5th-8th, 2009

Armenia's Prime Minister Headlines Powerhouse Keynote LineUp at ArmTech Congress
ArmTech Platform offers unique value proposition enjoyed by no other nation

YEREVAN, Armenia and SILICON VALLEY, California, USA - October 1, 2009 - The Armenian high-tech industry Conference (ArmTech) announced today additional details of its 2009 conference, showcasing the global high-tech industry capabilities of the Republic of Armenia (RA), which will be held November 5-8 at the Fairmont Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.

The conference will be highlighted by the Keynote speech of His Excellency Tigran Sargsyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. The lineup of speakers highlights the quality of the conference, and the intense interest in the fast emerging Armenian high tech economy. Speakers hail from the highest level of government, industry and academia in Armenia, the US and elsewhere.

ArmTech Congress'09 keynote speakers include:
  • His Excellency Tigran Sargsyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia
  • The Honorable Nerses Yeritsyan, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia
  • Mr. Vahram Nercissiantz, Chief Economic Advisor of the President of the Republic of Armenia
  • The Honorable Joe Simitian, California State Senator
  • Dr. Chi-Foon Chan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Synopsys, Inc.
  • Daniel M. Mahoney, President & CEO of Renesas Technology America, Inc.
  • Gregory K. Hinkley, President of Mentor Graphics, Inc.
  • Harut Sassounian, Sr. VP Lincy Foundation, President of UAF, Publisher of California Courier
  • Andre Andonian, Director, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
  • Haroutiun Armenian, President of American University of Armenia
Other speakers including US Congressmen, and Ambassadors will be revealed soon.

"The achievements of Armenia's high tech industry in recent years, as well as the essential need to advance the technological Armenian community, urge us to improve communications and cooperation among professionals in high tech, establish international business skills and perfect advanced high tech Industry composition. We must also develop new contacts and business opportunities to create compatible, comprehensive operations that improve Armenia's business and information high tech industry environment," said RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

Through an intensive program, ArmTech provides a venue for the highest level of government, academia and businesses to disucss the Armenian high tech economy, and develop a platform for further development. Through a "Town Hall Meeting" format that concludes the conference, the Congress reaches consensus on the platform defining the direction for Armenia's high tech economy, serving to direct the actions of the three groups into the future. The conference's first session provides a review of progress against the platform adopted the previous year. This unique process provides a value proposition enjoyed by no other nation, and ensures rapid progress.

The three-day program addresses critical high-tech industry topics, featuring parallel track sessions in the following areas:
  • Software Industry and Services
  • Telecommunications and Internet
  • Renewable and Green Energy
  • Microelectronics Design and Test
  • Investement Projects
  • Higher Education and Research
  • Digital Media
  • Biotechnologies
  • Engineering/Instrumentation Design
  • Advanced materials
  • Professional Networking

About ArmTech Congress
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, ArmTech Congress, a global high-tech industry conference, was founded by industry and business professionals to foster professional growth in the worldwide Armenian high-tech community, and to promote the growth of Armenia's rapidly rising high-tech industry. The organization welcomes liaisons with other entities that are similarly aligned and has no political affiliations. Building on the success of ArmTech '07 and ArmTech '08, the development of recurring international conferences is the current focus of the organization. ArmTech's goals include: providing networking and community resources for Armenian high-tech professionals; showcasing the global contributions of Armenian professionals in high-tech and allied fields; attracting global participation by individuals and entities that can benefit from involvement with the Armenian high-tech community; promoting opportunities to do business, recruit and invest in Armenian high-tech; highlighting the rise of Armenia's strategic high-tech industry; and promoting international interactions and investments for further growth.

About ArmTech Congress '09
The third annual ArmTech Congress conceived under the theme "learning from the past and inventing the future," is designed for professionals interested in engaging with the global Armenian community and the rapidly rising high-tech industry sector in Armenia.

ArmTech Congress '09 will take place under the patronage of the prime minister of Armenia. The government of the RA stresses the importance of ArmTech Congress as a platform to discuss, plan and execute policies and actions to keep Armenia on its current path of steady technological and economic achievement. The conference also serves to increase global recognition of Armenia as one of the fastest growing high-tech destinations in the world.

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