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Synopsys and Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology Extend Joint Educational Program
Master's program to help electrical engineering graduates prepare for careers in high tech industry honors 18 new graduates

Moscow, Russia, June 4, 2009 - Synopsys, Inc., a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design, verification and manufacturing, and the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET), today announced they are extending their joint educational master's program at MIET for another five years to build on the program's successful achievements. The original agreement was signed in 2006 with a focus on training highly qualified specialists in the field of very large scale integration (VLSI) design at the Synopsys-MIET Educational Center.

The program utilizes electronic design automation (EDA) tools and solutions from Synopsys. The goal of the collaboration is to educate Russian students in integrated circuit design so they can help lead Russia into its next stage of technology development. Today, Synopsys and MIET are also honoring another 18 students who have completed the program and are ready to begin their professional engineering careers.

In 2006, MIET established a modern two-year master's program with Synopsys' assistance. The program provides advanced education in microelectronics based on the Synopsys tool suite and a curriculum developed as part of the Synopsys Worldwide University Program. This is the second year the joint program with MIET has graduated students. Last year, 20 students completed the program. After two years of hard study, these graduates are well-equipped to meet the highest international engineering standards.

During this year's commencement ceremony, Rich Goldman, vice president of Corporate Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Synopsys and honorable doctor of the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA), conferred Synopsys Certificates of Achievement to the graduates. MIET Rector Yuri A. Chaplygin, an associate member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a Doctor of Engineering Science and a professor, conferred MIET diplomas to the graduates.

A customized Synopsys Armenia CJSC Educational Department (SAED) curriculum for VLSI design is at the heart of the joint educational master's program. Study is carried out in the Synopsys-MIET Educational Center where each student has access to the latest EDA software tools. MIET received 20 software licenses for Synopsys' comprehensive, industry-leading EDA University Tools Package. Synopsys provides a 90 nanometer (nm) Educational Design Kit which enables state of the art design in an educational environment. Teaching is conducted jointly by leading Synopsys professionals and MIET professors. Twenty students are admitted to the two-year program each year.

"Investment in Russia's youth is particularly important in these difficult economic times. This year's graduates are a testament to the continued success of our program with MIET. The results we've achieved so far, coupled with the excellent academic environment at MIET, make it easy to commit to the program for another five years," said Mr. Goldman.

"MIET has a number of centers, established jointly with foreign companies. Among them the Synopsys-MIET educational center plays a key role by giving students an opportunity to study EDA tools from a leader in the field of VLSI and system-on-a-chip design. It is due to the joint efforts of Synopsys, Synopsys Armenia and our university specialists that the center was established and equipped with state of-the-art tools and equipment. They also collaborated to develop the curriculum for the master's program that is currently being implemented," said Dr. Chaplygin. "Extending this cooperation agreement will give us many new opportunities. For example, we are receiving a new EDA solution for analog design, Synopsys' Galaxy Custom DesignerTM. The addition of this new tool allows us to extend the range of design technologies in which our students gain experience, and helps us train students in modern 90-nanometer design flows."

Dr. Chaplygin continued, "Many companies are interested in training specialists in the field of applied programming. That's why we are planning a new master's program in the specialty of "VLSI Design Automation Systems". I want to thank Mr. Rich Goldman, a vice president at Synopsys, and Dr. Vazgen Melikyan, professor of Synopsys Armenia, for their support and collaboration, and for their contributions in establishing the Synopsys educational center at MIET."

"We are glad that in MIET the educational process is carried out with both Synopsys EDA tools and the 90 nanometer Educational Design Kit. This will increase the effectiveness of our joint educational program," said Dr. Vazgen Melikyan, director of Synopsys Armenia Educational Department and honorable scientist of the Republic of Armenia.

I've chosen the "VLSI design and system-on-a-chip" specialty because VLSI design is one of the main fields of Russia's growing high tech industry. It’s gratifying that the Synopsys-MIET Educational Center gives a brilliant chance to obtain necessary knowledge and skills for becoming a highly qualified engineer who is in demand," said Eugeniy Vasiliev, a graduate of the Synopsys and MIET joint educational master's program.

Synopsys Worldwide University Programs have been providing technology, tools and resources for teaching and academic research since 1986. The programs serve thousands of students and professors worldwide, with Synopsys' tools currently installed in more than 450 educational institutions. University professors and staff have the unique responsibility of preparing the future workforce and conducting research to advance technology. The Synopsys Worldwide University Programs give easy access to Synopsys' best-in-class EDA tools while providing training, high-quality support and curriculum development assistance. By enabling engineering students to receive hands-on experience with Synopsys' industry-leading commercial tools, graduates are more likely to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to be quickly productive in the fast-paced world of semiconductor technology.

About MIET
Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (Technical University) was founded in 1965. It is situated in Zelenograd. MIET training of superior quality is carried out by highly skilled faculty -- including more than 100 Doctors of Sciences and over 300 PhDs - complemented by a sound technical base, personal curricula and modern training methods. The curricula of the departments provide fundamental training in physics, mathematics and computer science. They also provide in-depth study of a foreign language, professional training and high-quality training in management and marketing. MIET cooperates with leading universities of Europe and the United States, taking part in undergraduate, postgraduate and professor exchange programs. Full-time students do their practical work at MIET scientific laboratories and subdivisions, as well as at Moscow and Zelenograd companies. A program of elite professional training is carried out at MIET in cooperation with a number of foreign leaders in the electronics industry: Cadence, Synopsys, Freescale Semiconductor, PTC, Mentor Graphics and others.

About Synopsys Armenia CJSC and Synopsys, Inc.
Synopsys, Inc. is a world leader in electronic design automation (EDA), supplying the global electronics market with a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software, intellectual property (IP) and services used in semiconductor design, verification and manufacturing. Synopsys established its presence in Armenia in 2004, after Armenia declared information technology (IT) as a priority business for the country. Since then, Synopsys Armenia closed joint stock company (CJSC) has become an important Synopsys site, providing R&D and product support in EDA, design for manufacturing (DFM) and the development of semiconductor intellectual property (IP). The company employs several hundred qualified Armenian engineers and is one of largest IT employers in Armenia. To help provide Armenia with highly qualified IT specialists, Synopsys Armenia invests locally in IT education and is engaged in a number of successful cooperation programs with major Armenian universities such as Yerevan State University (YSU), State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA), American University of Armenia (AUA), Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University, and the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technologies (MIET). The company consistently promotes public interest in the high tech industry by sponsoring Presidential Awards for the best students in IT and contests among young specialists and students, and engages the broader community through charity work and volunteer activities. Synopsys Armenia CJSC is located in Yerevan. Synopsys, Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has more than 60 offices located throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Asia and India. Visit Synopsys, Inc. and Synopsys Armenia online at and

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