Message from Ralph Yirikian  

Ralph Yirikian
General Manager of VivaCell-MTS, the General Sponsor of the Olympiad

Dear participant of the Olympiad!

You have already achieved a lot owing to your devotion to knowledge and have promoted the good name of your country in science.

A sustainable and developed economy able to withstand challenges is built on internationally competitive human resources. And the Microelectronics Olympiad is primarily aimed at promoting the healthy competition of ideas.

As a responsible corporate citizen, VivaCell-MTS believes that business should support the long-term development of the society, by contributing to the spheres of the economy which have potential for the country's economic development, and ultimately, support the human development. It's not a secret that the development of applied science has no alternative in Armenia, a country with scarce and non-renewable natural resources.

VivaCell-MTS’ support to the Microelectronics Olympiad is based on the belief that successful operation obliges sharing with the society, supporting the youth in its endeavors, in its striving for better future in the Homeland. Most importantly, every commercial entity operating in Armenia can and should contribute to the prevention of work migration and to the brain drain from Armenia.

We wish all the success to the organizers and participants of the Microelectronics Olympiad.